Your First Dog – Understanding Your Dog’s Needs

What do you need to do when your child says Please may I have a doggy, please, please. What thoughts go through your face? How about; Who is going to exercise the dog, another mouth to feed, vets bills, holiday problems, dog training costs, older dog or puppy, will your pet upset the neighbourhood status quo, pet insurance;

And that’s before you decide to say yes of course you can. Now you have some homework to do. What kind of dog, what size of dog, if it’s a puppy how big is does it grow. How much can it eat a week $ wise. Not sure about it one but can it affect your house contents insurance in case you have a cat or perhaps a dog.

Will your child allow you to caring for said dog or will its’ care come back to yourself. Will you be capable to or hold the time for you to house train the dog, as well as to train it in general to ensure its safe in your case or the family to consider for walks say to the park, with out them engaging in scraps along with other dogs and even attacking other children out of protecting your individual family syndrome.

What are you going to do whether it’s some of those dogs that’s always barking, or making a mess ‘toilet’ everywhere? Do your neighbours have dogs or cats, are there somewhere for your dog to roam, just like a backyard or yard, what lengths is it on the local park, your pet need regular exercise. These are all practical stuff you should consider before you introduce your dog in your family.

Remember your dog becomes one of the family, not just a toy for a few months then to become discarded. Think, don’t spoil the dogs chance of a good caring home elsewhere if you are not fully committed. Talk along with other dog owners in regards to the advantages and disadvantages of dog ownership. Visit the park in places you will exercise you dog. Dog owners are invariably willing to talk about their pets.

Do some research on vets along with their costs? Check out different Pet insurances. Do you plan to possess more children will it be appropriate to own an animal inside your home. What would you like to do with your pet when you wish a good holiday in sunlight? Basically could it participate in your lifestyle?

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