Winter Can’t Last

Can it? With several feet of snow on the ground, your dog could be very challenging. It’s funny how everybody likes taking a stroll if it is sunny and toasty warm. When it’s 10 degrees and snowing, not so much. Unfortunately, tossing the pooch out your back door to take care of business by hand, doesn’t always work.

A client recently called must me the thing that was wrong together with her puppy. Apparently, when she lets the puppy out, the puppy will just sit by the door whimpering to go back in. When she lets her back in (thinking the puppy has had good care of business), the puppy will sneak off and take good care of business behind the couch.

When asked if she went outside with the puppy, the dog owner said, ‘Oh heavens no, it turned out freezing on the market.’ I delicately described to her that that has to be part of the problem.

‘Put yourself in the puppy’s paws.’ I said. ‘If you knew you possessed a range of where to keep up your company, which scenario could you choose?’

#1. You wake with your nice warm crate. Your owner opens the crate door and before long, you can find yourself checking out the wrong side of a sliding glass door. One step from the stairs and you’re as much as your privates in ice cold snow. After 1 hour of laborious digging, you ultimately dig deep enough to face on firm ground. Shivering through the cold, at this point you relieve yourself.


#2. You wake with your nice warm crate. Your owner opens the crate door and in no time, you’re checking out the wrong side of your sliding glass door. Instead of stepping over stairs into Antarctica, you put onto your sad pathetic face and initiate whining softly. After a very limited time you’re let in, picked up and hugged. Once placed back in the grass you might be ignored. You now go to the kitchen, grab a coffee, grab the paper and head for behind the couch. With Dr. Phil playing softly in the background, at this point you relieve yourself.

‘I gotta show you,’ I thought to your client, ‘given those choices, I’m going behind the couch too.’

While the solution to this concern is straightforward, the answer stinks. The answer is: You have to put on your boots, coat and gloves – and walk your dog away in the house until she goes. If you don’t witness a pee as well as a poop, the puppy dates back into her crate for awhile. Don’t provide the puppy the opportunity to be alone behind the couch. Trust me, not only will it improve with the puppy, it will also be better for anyone near your couch.

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