Why is it So Expensive?

The French Bulldog is the largest of the large dogs. They are a very healthy and hearty breed. The average weight for this dog is ten pounds. However, some are much larger. While they do need a lot of room and exercise, they are not heavy eaters. They do make an excellent family pet, however you must keep in mind that they have a high prey drive and can be a bit unpredictable as well.

The French Bulldog can be prone to hip dysplasia and several types of skin diseases. Their coats can suffer from matting or excessive shedding. It can be quite an expense to care for this breed. Their coats may start to thin out after they are twelve months old. During the mating season their coat becomes very silky and starts to fall out.

Because of their size and temperament, they are not appropriate for everyone. This breed needs a lot of space, as well as direct exposure to the outdoors. This will require more time and effort on your part to maintain. They make a great family pet that is good with children, but they do need to be socialized early.

Because of the breeding of Bulldogs, there is a higher chance of serious health problems. You should expect to pay around six hundred dollars for the complete medical care of your puppy. The price does not include the costs for spaying/neutering, immunizations and general care. When you take into consideration the health risks, it is well worth it. However, you will pay more if you want a purebred French Bulldog puppy.

The American Kennel Club tries to limit the number of purebreds that are registered with them, because of the many problems that they have been facing. This is one reason why the French Bulldog has become one of the most popular breeds. They tend to have less behavioral problems and are easier to train.

They are very quick to learn, and are very intelligent. They also need to be around other dogs and people in order to be comfortable. In fact, this breed will try to attack other dogs that approach it. This behavior can be very troublesome to its owners.

They are very active, and will run around for hours. However, they are not very athletic, and are not the best choice for those who like to take sports. This breed should be socialized early on. It does not like to be alone, and does not always respond well to being left alone. It should be around other dogs and people, but should always be in a crate or yard.

Because of their short coat, they do shed quite a bit. They also tend to develop musculo-skeletal problems. Their eyes sometimes develop infections, and they can also suffer from inflammation of the internal organs. The long, floppy ears of this breed make them an ideal candidate for breeding. Breeding the French Bulldog can be a challenge, as this breed is notoriously unpredictable. Keep these factors in mind, and you should be fine.

If you decide to have a French Bulldog as a pet, you must have an ample amount of time to devote to him. They need a lot of attention, and cannot be left alone for long periods of time. You must be able to provide exercise and socialization for them. This breed tends to be independent, and does not do well with crowds. If you don’t think you can give them the time of day, you should probably consider another breed.

The health of the French Bulldog can vary significantly, depending on the breed. Their coats can be short or long and matted. Some show signs of aggression and some don’t. Their temperament can be calm or boisterous, and they can be very trainable, but this is an animal that can get bored.

The health and lifestyle requirements of this breed are extensive. They require a good diet, regular exercise, plenty of room and adequate space. They should have a minimum of forty hours of sleep each night and require a lot of physical stimulation daily. In addition to all of this they will need regular vaccinations against diseases of present or potential concern.

While the breeder or shelter might indicate otherwise, these dogs do not tend to have been socialized with other animals. You should expect to spend anywhere from six hundred to one thousand dollars in veterinary bills for a healthy adult French Bulldog. The breeder should provide proof of proper registration and an acceptable pedigree for your satisfaction.

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