Why English Bulldogs Have a Reputation That is Mostly Negative

Once you mention the English Bulldog in you conversation, lots of people may have a concept of what it seems like. I know this dog has a reputation that is certainly mostly negative. I know until this dog is usually getting bad publicity from people who are even if it’s just mindful of their nature. They are often place into this category actually dangerous. But despite all of the negative things that bulldog has, many would still consider this becoming a highly adored breed of canine. The impression with the English bulldog to a lot of people can be a symbol of virility and strength.

This dog was originally from Great Britain as well as the term English was given to this dog that function as their national symbol. In the US, even US Marine Corps uses the picture of bulldogs as his or her mascots. The reason why they chose the look of the English bulldog is due to its stubborn nature and strong stature. It is like there is a message written on his or her faces saying “I WILL NOT BE MOVED.”

If about to catch aware of this, inside US and Great Britain, there are numerous schools which uses it for their mascot because of their basketball, football and baseball varsity team. As a matter of fact, this dog plays an important role within the history of mascot. The first ever live mascot that was used inside US was in the University of Yale. Most students and alumni adored and revered the English bulldog.

Today, despite the picture in the bulldog, they may be still loved by all. Even celebrities love these phones the reality that some of the well known actors and actresses purchase this expensive breed as a symbol of status. Because from the great nature and high intelligence, they are the perfect candidate and ideal in each and every household. I know many people who will be considering adding this breed for the family. For those interested, you need to do a lot of research in regards to the different breeds. Just remember that English Bulldog can be harmful for own maybe because of the health deficiencies.

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