Why Are English Bulldogs Such a People Friendly Dog?

Today, the English Bulldog is amongst the discussed among breeds. The Bulldog’s rich history earns him a particular invest the hearts of millions. His original appearance, calm demeanor, huge personality, and wonderful charm lead him to an incredibly desirable dog to possess. This is a dog that has always helped mankind and will continue doing so for millennia in the future.

English Bulldogs are probably the most loyal dogs you could have in your life. Some of the most interesting stories I have ever heard attended from English Bulldog owners. Most also agree that once you have experienced a Bulldog in your own life, you are going to always cherish that relationship.

It could possibly be due to the very existence with the breed. Without humans to intervene, Bulldogs would have been extinct in the past. Because breeders took action to keep the breed alive, it is strong and thriving in today’s society.

The typical Bulldog lover may be any age, child or adult. Most people believe the English Bulldog is the ideal companion for that inactive person, which is far from true. It is true the English Bulldog do not possess all the endurance as field dogs, such as Retrievers or racing dogs, like Greyhounds. It is also true that there are certain precautions that you’d take with a Bulldog that might ‘t be a worry with dogs.

One precaution is allowing them full entry to pools of water. When you consider how large their head is within proportion to the rest of their body, you commence to understand how difficult it’s for them to keep their head above water.

Now, just because they aren’t great swimmers does not mean which they do not love water. We have Bullies who love to hang out inside the kiddy pool all summer long. They love to submerge their heads under water and begin and out in the pool. My advice to you is usually to always supervise your Bully around water. Never leave them unattended!

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