Which Maltipoo Haircut Styles Is Right for You?

Are you looking for the best in Maltipoo haircut styles? Whether you are a new dog owner or have been grooming dogs for years, you know that your dog deserves the very best in style and appearance. While it is always nice to go for styles that are more common and get the job done easily, it is not always the best idea. For instance, you may be a female dog owner, but the style of your male dog is much different than the style of your female dog.

So, what is the answer? You might think it would be to get a male dog a female style, since they look good together and it works well for them too. But that is only half true. Not only do the two styles look good together, but they are also very different. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two most common Maltipoo hairstyles.

The most common style for males is the short cut. This is called the Bobtail. It comes in two cuts, a short one with no bangs and short spikes coming up the back. This style helps your dog to stand out. It is best used if your dog is still growing and is showing the healthiest hair possible. However, a Bobtail should be used with care, so make sure your dog is not getting too much attention, because it can get really unruly.

The next style is the long cut, which is almost like the bobtail. It comes in three cuts: the short spike on the back, the longer shoulder cut with the spikes coming down the backside of the head, and the short spike over the front of the head. Again, this style helps to draw attention to your dog’s unique features. The long coat of a Maltese may not be cut short, but it is cut close enough that you can see some of the hair.

Some people do not care for the long cut, but many dogs like it. You can opt for the short cut when your dog is still growing, or you can wait until he is a bit older. There are even Maltese who prefer the short style. If you have any questions about your dog’s best grooming style, speak to your veterinarian, or check out some grooming sites online.

One style that is gaining in popularity is the cropped style. The top layer is cropped close to the ears, and the remaining hair is cut in the style of an oval. This looks great on any dog. It is easy to maintain, and is usually best on dogs who have straight hair. You will not have to worry about the dog pulling away from your view, and you will not have to worry about it choking on its own hair.

If you have a curly-haired dog, consider one of the Maltese styles. These dogs have naturally curly hair, which makes it very easy to maintain. You only have to clip the fringe if necessary, and the rest of the head will look great. Curly-haired dogs often need micro grooming, especially around the ears. You can use a soft brush to clean out the curls, and then clip the rest of the hair in the style you like.

Whatever you decide on for your Maltipoo’s head, remember that it is best to ask help from your vet, or at least a friend who knows your dog’s best habits. The vet can examine your dog and determine the best style for its particular shape and size. You can also consult your dog’s owner manual for more information.

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