What To Feed Dogs With Upset Stomach

What To Feed Dogs With Upset Stomach

If you own a dog, one of their primary needs is food. But what to feed dogs with upset stomach? It’s a question that should be the last thing on your mind when choosing your dog’s meal. In reality, it is a very common dilemma. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be.


Dogs can suffer from stomach upset from many different things. Sometimes it happens as a result of an upset tummy diet. Many times, dogs are simply fed too much food in order to keep them satisfied. When a dog is overfed, they may feel bloated and generally uncomfortable. The best thing to feed dogs with upset stomach is something that will not cause further weight gain.


When a dog is put on a strict diet that does not include much in the way of food, it can develop a bloating problem. This is one of the most common causes of stomach upset in dogs. To find out what to feed dogs with upset stomach caused by a bloating problem, you need to make a few changes to their current diet. One great idea for those suffering from dogs that tend to have a gas-like feeling after eating is to make some changes to your dog’s food.


Some dogs with upset stomach, gas-like feeling foods will experience an aggravation of this problem by having a change in their diet. One of the best ways to deal with this issue is to change your dog’s food to one that does not cause gas production. Many commercial foods, especially dog foods, are loaded with fat and sugar. These ingredients cause the stomach to become over-secretory and create an exaggerated bloating feeling. Instead of what to feed dogs with upset stomach caused by bloating, opt for dry dog food or canned food that is void of any excess fats.

If you want to know what to feed dogs with upset stomach caused by gas-like feeling, there are some foods that you should avoid feeding your dogs. Dogs that are very sensitive to certain types of foods should not be fed these. As an example, some dogs can be allergic to dairy products. Feeding dogs that are lactose intolerant is a bad idea because the excessive production of lactase (a digestive enzyme needed to break down milk) by the lactose intolerant dogs will create a bloated feeling that is mistaken for a gas or upset stomach. If you do find that your dog has any sensitivity to dairy products, give them a dairy free diet to help their discomfort.


Gas producing dogs should have a low fat diet. Dogs that tend to have a bloated feeling due to stomach gas can also have fatty food as the primary source of calories, but they should be given sparingly. You should know what to feed dogs with upset stomachs that have a gas-like feeling by identifying what might be causing their discomfort. The common causes of gas-like feeling in dogs include food allergies and inappropriate feeding, diarrhea, and obesity.


Dogs with gastric problems should be carefully examined to determine if what to feed dogs with upset stomach is an appropriate diet. If it is, the vet may prescribe an antacid that will help sooth the stomach. If it isn’t, he or she may recommend an antibiotic or a special formula for dogs with sensitive stomach linings. This is particularly important if your dog’s problem is the result of a bacterial infection. Antibiotics will eliminate the infection and should provide some short term relief from the gas-like feeling. If you do not treat the cause of the bacterial infection, the bloating will only get worse.


Veterinarians have found that dogs with gastric upsets regurgitate because of food allergies and improper nutrition. Although this is the most likely cause, a vet can perform blood tests that indicate what to feed dogs with stomach gas problems. A vet can also prescribe an antibiotic if it is determined that the gas is caused by bacterial infection. Although this type of bloating may occur as a result of any number of causes, it is a serious medical condition that should be addressed promptly.

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