What to Do With a Dog That Bites Their Owner

Do what to do with a dog that bites their owner? Are you able to control the dog or are you dealing with a pack of wild animals? These types of questions and others like them should be answered before your dog continues to bite. A dog biting their owner for the very first time may be the start of many more bites to come. If these actions continue, the probability of it occurring again gets even higher and becomes more likely to occur when needed actions are not taken immediately to prevent it.

The best thing to do with a dog bite is to apply pressure to the wound to minimize blood loss. Keep in mind though that applying too much pressure can cause further trauma or worse. There is a method which has been developed by experts to help determine what amount of pressure needs to be applied to the wound to control the amount of bleeding. In this method, you need to apply pressure for about five minutes to an inch away from the bite. If you are bleeding profusely, you need to apply more pressure to the wound.

What to do with a dog that bites their owner when they become aggressive? First of all, you need to take them to the vet to be properly examined and find out why the dog bit the owner in the first place. Some dogs will bite a person out of protective anger. Others may have been raised in violent environments and were forced to fight for their survival. You also may want to look into whether the bite is a result of a previous trauma your dog encountered.

After the vet has done his or her investigation and determines the reasons for the bites, he or she may prescribe a treatment plan. Some bites are easier to treat while others require more aggressive treatment such as oral antibiotics. However, you need to remember that most dog bites require timely medical care because they could turn into infections or other diseases. For example, a dog bite can become infected if it is not treated promptly. A dog bite can even become deadly if it is not treated immediately.

What to do with a dog that bites their owner if they become aggressive? First of all, try talking to your dog. Explain to him or her why you are upset and why the dog bit you in the first place. Try to get them to understand why the bites were done in anger. It is best to work with your pet at his or her level rather than trying to get your dog to understand at a higher level.

Keep an eye on the wound as well. A dog bite can easily become infected if it is not properly treated. Most importantly, remove any hairs that have been ripped away from the wound. Removing hairs will prevent the wound from becoming infected and healing poorly. If the wound does not heal correctly, it could become bigger over time, which would then result in needing stitches.

Once your pet has been treated, make sure they know why the bite was aggressive. It could help to take them aside to the back yard or another area of the property to bite a chew toy or small ball. This will help your pet to realize they have hurt someone and learn how to act around people. Also, take the dog to the vet for an examination and to have any necessary shots. If the bite didn’t occur at the muzzle end of your dog, it may be reasonable for you to allow the animal to scratch the throat or mouth area if there is no visible injury to you. However, if the bite occurred in an area normally used for play, biting someone in this area could constitute serious bodily harm and should be reported immediately to authorities.

If you don’t feel comfortable with what to do with a dog that bites their owner, contact your local law enforcement agency. They can assist you with determining the extent of the attack and if it was provoked in any way. They can also help investigate the circumstances surrounding the bite and seek to find the responsible owner. Remember that even if you have a dog that bites that doesn’t mean they are automatically aggressive. Understanding the reasons behind the bites can help owners and their pets learn how to deal with and control these types of dogs.

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