What Is The True Nature Of Your Dog?

Have you ever wondered who your dog in fact is?

Did you ever determine that your dog is a conscious being?

Does he recognize himself when he sees his reflection inside the mirror?

Where does he go in his dreams?

Do dogs go to heaven whenever they die?

If you might be like me those questions are extremely intriguing to you personally when you are aware that there is certainly more to your puppy than what you know already and you might be convinced that your dog is often a soul being just like you happen to be.

But here are some from that understanding?

Does it change lives in your everyday living whether or not you recognize your pet being a conscious and sentient being?

I think it will.

Lets take particular notice at canine training as an illustration.

When you train your canine you want him to master the best way to perform behaviors that are, you might say, tailored to fit a person’s life style. This means that on the one hand you educate your puppy to avoid somethings which could be natural for him whilst on another hand you teach him to do things which he normally would not do.

Like staying behind if the members of his pack leave, or like walking to heel on a leash learning about at you.

No matter how unnatural the requested behavior would be to a dog, when he does not perform in a set time range he will be classified as being a slow learner or, more serious, like a scoundrel that is unwilling to obey and do as they is told.

This is how shock collars and other training devices come into play.

Normal canine training ignores your puppy’s soul and consciousness, more often than notit even ignores the fact that your dog is an emotional being.

This means that even so most dog trainers tell you he is doing work in concordance while using canine nature they still leave your dog’s consciousness out from the equation thus violating his soul.

Behavior centered canine training adheres to material principles only and that’s why it can be potentially harmful for your pet as a being.

It is very important to understand that a majority of proper dog training methods are based on the assumption, that animals don’t have feelings like humans do and that they reside about the lower branches with the the tree of life.

In order to get managed dogs must be dominated by their owners, rewarded for ‘good’ behavior and punished for ‘bad’ behavior and their human caretakes should display their superiority.

Here may be the tip:

Next time you may ask your dog trainer or dog psychologist for advice, question whether he is convinced that dogs have feelings and therefore are sentient beings. Find out more about his belief system regarding the nature of dogs prior to buying into his advice.

Your dog maybe grateful for you in the long run.

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