Using the Electric Dog Training Collars to Train Your Dog

You may have seen an electric dog training collar on TV or in the pet store and wondered what they are. Do they hurt the dog? We’ve got the answer to your questions and a few instructions for how to use a dog training collar to train your dog.

What is an electric dog training collar?

An electric dog training collar has two parts. One part is the electric collar itself which is connected to a safety system, the battery, and a remote control. The second part of the electric dog training collar is the remote control which is used to tell your dog to perform a particular task.

When the remote is removed from the collar, the safety system is activated. This is the part that you won’t want to remove from the collar, especially during training.

When the safety system is activated, it sends a signal through the collar and to the remote to instruct your dog to perform a task.

The collar and remote can be used interchangeably during training sessions. Electric dog training collars should only be used to train your dog to do a specific task.

Why use an electric dog training collar?

The first reason is safety. The idea of an electric collar is that the dog can’t really pull without the aid of an electric shock. An electric shock is not a fun thing for an animal to experience, so they’re less likely to pull if they’re training.

You can also attach the dog shock collar to a training table to help them learn what they can and can’t do.

Use your electric collar in these situations: If you’re in a public place and you need to teach your dog to be off leash, teach him to respond to you, learn to walk on a loose leash, stop barking, learn to walk on your left side, go inside the house without the leash, etc.

When walking outside or at a dog park, train your dog to follow you or to stop barking at other dogs or people.

How do I use an electric dog training collar?

You can use the collar to reward your dog for good behavior and also help you teach him a new behavior. All you have to do is press the “switch” on the collar and the dog is rewarded with a burst of positive reinforcement and good behavior is reinforced.

We recommend you get one collar that has five buttons, so you can customize the amount of reward your dog gets with each press.┬áMake a selection for reward and have the dog move away from whatever you’d like the dog to ignore.

How do you use an electric dog training collar?

The first thing to know about using an electric dog training collar is that you can’t simply throw it on your dog’s collar and get on with the business of training. It will only work when the battery is in the collar.

What are the benefits of an electric dog training collar?

It’s a collar that can be used for many different things. Some dog owners like the way that they clip to a dog’s collar so that they have the option to use it when training as a training aid. Others love how they feel on their dogs, while still other owners use them for their dog’s separation anxiety.

You have many choices to consider when it comes to picking a dog training collar and you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and lifestyle.

When should I use an electric dog training collar?

If you are unsure when you should use an electric dog training collar, you can review our dog training collar recommendations page to help you pick the right collar for your dog.

How should I use an electric dog training collar?

Some electric dog training collars provide training instructions that are easy to follow while others may provide information at the end of the collar.

Some will alert your dog when a noise is made and others will simply leave your dog alone. You can adjust the sensitivity of the collar so your dog is not startled by loud noises or sudden movements, and it is always a good idea to start with a low level of sensitivity before increasing the intensity.


Many dog owners may find that an electric dog collar can be a very useful tool to train your dog.

If you don’t want to take on the responsibility of having a dog training dog collar, or if you just don’t have one, there are other less expensive and less harmful ways to train your dog to obey your commands.

For example, there are collars and training sessions that use a food reward. The food rewards are often pepperoni slices or turkey slices.

Try other reward diets like peanut butter or peanut butter, or carrots.

However, if you want to consider using a training collar, at least take a look at one first to see what advantages and disadvantages they may have. As you can see, they can be a very useful tool to use with dogs.

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