Training My Dog – How to Train My Dog to Sit

When most canine owners manage to get thier puppies, one of several commands that can similar to their puppy to obey is the ‘sit’ command. For some, it is difficult, yet it’s less difficult since many people think it is simply that some puppy owners are not aware of the best way to make this happen and they also only flourish in confusing their pet.

When training your puppy/dog to sit down I grouped working out technique into two categories. The first technique is for young dogs and also the second method is for your older dogs.

Technique 1

When you happen to be together with your dog and yes it sits down or gonna sits down or perhaps in the act of seated, you can say ‘sit’ in a clear but firm tone. If your puppy is gonna sit and you also provide the command sit plus it obeys you, you can just give praise. What you have succeeded is doing is building association between sit command and also the act of sitting.

Technique 2

For older dogs these technique may not work adequately, so you can employ this second technique for your older dogs to command it to sit down. For older dogs, you’ll be able to just hold a tasty treat and guide the treat from his nose level up over his head and ensure this treat is approximately few centimeters away from its nose, in this way your dog will want to continue with the treat there by it rear end will touch the ground so that as soon since this happens, supply the treat and lavish your pet with praise.

But be aware that this tasty treat must not be much back over its head else it’s going to jump up or backs away. You can now do this again procedure until your canine gets it, then you can now introduce the verbal area of the command just before you move your hand say sit. When your pet gets it, give praise. Your dog will soon get used to the verbal sit command and respond. Remember consistency plays an important role with this technique.

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