Times Square Teaches Me Advanced Dog Training Skills

Way back in 1994 I was motivated to set up a K-9 Unit for the security company at World Wide Plaza on West 44th St. in Manhattan.

To say I was excited was an understatement.

Food, hotel, cab fare all taken care of, not to mention the cashola they were paying me to complete the work.

When I landed at LaGuardia Airport I was picked up by the limo and they also drove me in order to meet the customer.

I learned an extremely valuable training your dog lesson even as drove into Times Square to pick out him up.

Here’s so what happened:

As were driving through Time Square he desired to talk over the details of training employees and dogs. He also desired to discuss commercial dog food, vet care and training equipment.

In most situations I would happen to be all ears…

I just cannot concentrate on what this person was saying. In fact, I was silently wishing he would shut his pie hole so I could concentrate on what was going away from limo windows.

You see, I had been to New York more often than not as being a kid, but this was the 1st time I was there alone. I was young, I had a pocket brimming with money as well as the Big Apple was calling for me.

Have you ever been in an issue that way?

Here will be the training your dog lesson I learned. Most dogs are able to do their obedience commands when there is nothing taking place around them.

Most dogs visit their owner when they’re inside your home. Take them outside sufficient reason for all of the distractions, your dog’s obedience goes out your window.

So the question for the day is…

‘How do I get my dog to answer the commands when there are distractions?’

The response is to get more interesting as opposed to surroundings. If you can maintain dog thinking about you together with most importantly if you possibly could control the distractions you are able to control your pet.

You keep your dog enthusiastic about you by using your voice, movement and rewards. Try it out and you will understand the difference with your dog’s behavior.

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