The Old English Bulldog

The Old English Bulldog is an excellent candidate for the dog, but seems to have a bad reputation lately as a result of some bad press. With a few exceptions, most dog stories that turn out on the news tend to be 100% the responsibility of a terrible and cruel owner. English Bulldogs have been a remarkably kind and good natured dog naturally, plus a great option for apartment owners who simply do not have the space to provide a larger dog.

Physical Characteristics:

The English Bulldog could be described quite accurately as “compact”, even though their own health are medium sized, short stumpy legs make sure they are look smaller. Both the body and head are fairly large with masses of extra folding skin layers. Their coat is short and glossy. Though they are intimidating, they are the gentlest of dogs.


Incredibly loyal, Bulldogs are affectionate and dependable on their owners, but also lead to great guard dogs, recognized for their courage. Intruders would look for a nasty short surprise, and bulldogs usually do not stop trying easily. Some bulldogs can be a little dominating, and wish a holder who understands the very idea of canine alpha domination. If the bulldog is displaying signing of “guarding” particular items or furniture, it’s a good sign that they are incorrectly trained. Curiously, a bulldog that knows it’s devote the household property is much happier than one that feels the need to keep it’s “humans” down.

Health Issues:

English Bulldogs are susceptible to breathing problems, and so are very responsive to temperature. They will have problems with heat stroke in scorching weather or possibly a locked car. When fed anything other than regular pet food, they are quite prone to flatulence.


English Bulldogs are fine in the apartment, and don’t need a garden. However, they need to always be walked daily needless to say. When walking, it is vital that your new puppy stay aside or behind a persons for behavioural training. It is the “leader” who must lead those in expeditions.


They often live around 8-12 years, though some as short as 6 years and some longer. Those that die of later years do some about 10-11 years, however the most typical reason behind death is cardiac related (20%) and cancer (19%).


The bull the main name came from the truth that these were originally used for bull-baiting, but by 1835 dog fighting was developed illegal in England and days were numbered. While the dogs found a property within the New World forming the descendant of the ferocious present day American Bulldog, the English tamed the dog to eliminate the undesirable characteristics.

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