The How-Tos of Home Pet Grooming

Home pet grooming can be scary for some pets. After all, the human is putting scissors in her hands, and trust us, the animal isn’t going to be too thrilled. The key to getting it done right is preparation and patience.

There are several aspects of grooming that have to be learned to be a professional groomer. For instance, the way a groomer holds their clippers, the number of barbs and the length of each, how long the tongue needs to be trimmed down, whether a dog is hair or fur. The type of clipper blades, with or without straight, flat or tapered blades is important. That depends on what length of hair is being cut and if your dog is hairy, short-haired or long-haired

Grooming Tools and Techniques

  • Do-It-Yourself Pet Grooming Supplies
  • Laundry detergent
  • Dog shampoo
  • Dog shampoo ‘product’ that comes in a little tube or a spray can
  • Bar of soap
  • Dog clippers

Your Dog’s Hairstyle

Every time your dog comes in for a bath or a grooming, comb out their fur with a wide-tooth comb. When using a comb to get your dog’s coat clean, take the comb back and forth in the fur. This helps to loosen any burrs or other pieces of wool on the dog’s fur. You will need to back comb the fur after using the comb to avoid having to brush the hair out of the dog’s fur after the grooming session.

Canine Clippers

It’s best to not use clippers that are too big for the grooming job. They may pull at the dog’s skin, leaving your pet with a big knot. You should be able to hold the clippers with only one hand while you are grooming. If the clippers are too big, you will have a hard time holding them tightly to the dog’s skin while pulling out the fur.

Just be sure to set the clippers down gently and hold the clippers steady while you comb the fur.

Know Your Pet’s Condition

Most dogs are fur-coated, especially the thick-coated breeds. The coat on a dog’s back and front are different textures and the fur needs to be combed out of them and they need to be trimmed down in the middle of the dog’s back. Grooming can affect your dog’s health and can even cause it to get infections.