The Five Most Popular Types Of Dog Breeds For Hunting

The Five Most Popular Types Of Dog Breeds For Hunting

Are you looking for a few good tips on picking out the right dogs for hunting? Then you’ve come to the right place. There are three main types of hunting dogs and knowing them (and how to use them) can make all the difference in your hunt. Here are the major types of hunting dog breeds.


The first type of dog is of course the pointer. The pointer is an excellent choice for hunters of any breed. They have great eyesight, incredible stamina and are generally very healthy dogs. When taking care of these dogs, you need to remember that they are prone to eye problems. So be sure to check their eyes frequently for any signs of infection or other problems.


The next type of dog is the terrier. The terrier was developed as a hunting companion and as a fighting dog. They are extremely intelligent, alert and loyal and are very loving dogs. A word about being disloyal to your dog-these dogs can be incredibly destructive if they feel that their master is not treating them fairly. Also keep in mind that terriers are somewhat fragile dogs and should not be around larger pets for extended periods of time. Many hunters still own these dogs today because of this.


The third major type of dog breed is the AKC Standardbred. These dogs have been used in AKC tournaments for many years and have proven themselves worthy of silver and gold medals. The AKC sets the rules for what constitutes a Good Standardbred so you can be confident that the dogs you buy are going to do well in those matches. Of course there are always exceptions to the rules, but the AKC is the best way to go when picking a hunting dog breed.


Choosing the right dog breed depends a great deal on whether you want to hunt and feed your pet. Some people prefer a family dog that will simply bark at the kids, some prefer a guard dog that will protect their home and family from intruders, while others need a hunting dog that will track and kill. Each type of dog breeds has its advantages and disadvantages. Keep this in mind when deciding on which one you need. You will be an important part of your hunting team, so choose carefully.


All of the above mentioned dog breeds are recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture or USDA as recognized dog breeds. This means that all of them are capable of living in the United States, either with their own owners or in programs run by the USDA. Many hunters prefer to begin with AKC certified dogs because they are assured of successful hunting. If you are not familiar with the CCHS number you can visit the USDA website and request this number for any dog breeds that you may be interested in hunting. You will need it to register your animal.


Many hunting organizations require that hunting dogs are CCHS registered. This is the case in Canada. It is also required for most high quality sporting dogs. It should be noted that not all CCHS certified dogs qualify for sporting dogs. This is why it is important that you do your research on each breed before you decide to go out and purchase one.


Probably the most popular among hunting dog breeds around the world are the German Shepherds, also known as Alsatians. These types of dog breeds are very respected and trusted by most hunters. There are many different variations of Alsatians, but the general characteristics remain the same. These dog breeds have short coats and they have been bred down from the original and most prized dogs of Germany, which is where the name of the breed was derived. Today the AKC owns more than ninety Alsatians that are still in breeding programs.

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