Take a Look at the History of the English Bulldog

Ever wonder why English Bulldogs are known as English Bulldogs? It was around 1568 when the term “bulldog” was first accustomed to describe this breed. The term “bulldog” was adopted not simply since the breed seems like a bit bull but in addition due to the breed’s connection to bull baiting (in addition to bearbaiting). Aside from being insensitive to pain, the main bulldog has to be ferocious and courageous enough to attack bulls in arena combat. They were educated to leap in a bull lashed to your post, latch onto its snout and attemptedto suffocate the bull.

Around 1835, laws were passed in England prohibiting bull baiting. Since their function of existence vanished, the number of bulldogs decline almost to extinction. Fanciers thought we would preserve the breed but wanted to eliminate the fierce characteristics. The remaining original bulldog was crossed with all the pug. This resulted on the modern bulldog, a shorter, wider dog with brachycephalic skull with agreeable temperament.

Now, although modern bulldogs look tough and intimidating these are actually on the list of gentlest of dogs. They are very affectionate and dependable animals and they are gentle with children. They need plenty of human attention to ensure that the crooks to be happy and yet, any intruder or threat shall arise, a bulldog is not scared to manage something he believe is danger to his family, territory or properties.

Unfortunately, English Bulldogs are affected various health problems including however, not restricted to breathing problem, allergies and skin disease, hip and knee problems, cherry eye along with other issues related to eyesight. And since they’re brachycephalic, they are doing top in temperate climates but very sensitive to heat. They are very vulnerable to heat stroke specifically in summer or hot locations.

But it doesn’t matter what diseases an English Bulldog is at risk of, so long as you know how to care for and offer your dog in doing what is critical for his growth, surely you will enjoy and love the concept of using an intimidating looking yet gentle four-legged friend.

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