Stop Dog From Pulling on Leash With Simple commands and Rewards

Teaching your dog how to stop dog from pulling on the leash is easier than you think. It takes time and patience, but trust us it s worth it. Your daily walks with your canine friend can literally become something you look forward too, when you finally get him to behave properly. You will have a happier dog, less barking dog, who stops pulling as soon as he gets out of your presence. Here are some simple steps to teach your dog how to stop pulling on the leash.

The first step is to use walking harnesses or leads with your dog. Walking harnesses attach your dog’s leash to the front of your waist, so he is walking with you, not pulling you along behind him. The lead fits around the dog’s neck just below his chin. It is much more comfortable for your dog and much easier for you, making walking a pleasure. It is also more secure, ensuring your dog won’t accidentally run off.

The next step is to start talking gently to your dog while walking. Your verbal commands such as” heel” and” stay” should be easy to hear and easy to say. Using treats to reward good behavior when your dog’s done right makes them very happy and increases their desire to please you. If you prefer to reward your dog with a verbal reward, only give treats when your dogs behave correctly. For example, if you instruct your dog not to jump on guests, give him a treat when he complies. If you want him to follow you, still give him the treat.

There are also several walking aids on the market designed to help you maintain your leashes. Nodders and head collars are two of the most common ones. A nodder works by having a metal loop attached to the end of your leash that wraps around his nose and head. This prevents him from pulling on the leash. When the dog pulls on his leash, the metal loop will clamp down and in return create a noose around his nose and head, effectively choking him.

On the other hand, there are walking harnesses that are fitted with buckles and chains that can attach to the back of your leg to prevent him from kicking the leash and giving you a fright. The pros cons of using a walking harness, is that it restricts your movement. It is much more comfortable than the harnesses with chains, which take the flexibility out of walking with your dog.

Other methods of stopping your dog from pulling on the leash are by distracting him. This may sound like a simple idea, but the distraction he receives will keep him from pulling on the leash. One simple distraction is to use a squirt bottle or water bottle held in your hands while talking to him. Or give him a treat as a distraction. He will soon understand that he won’t get a treat if he tries to pull on the leash.

Once you have worked out the basic ideas, the next step is to teach him simple commands and rewards to teach him the correct response. One simple command is sit, stay, come and lay down. These commands are easy to teach him as long as you remember to say them consistently each time, even when you are away from him. As the dog masters these commands, he will soon be able to control his leash on his own and won’t need any type of distraction to stop pulling on the leash. This method is a lot simpler than using chains, and if you don’t want to use treats or bottles as distractions, it is also a lot easier.

When you stop a dog from pulling on the leash, your walk will be a lot more enjoyable, and it won’t feel like such a hassle either. He will also become more nurtured and happy around you. The walk will not seem like such an effort either because he will be walking along in his natural instinct, which is always there, looking for the best way to reach his destination. If you ever need any more help with how to train a dog or ways to develop your walking skills with your best buddy, you can visit the website below. It has some excellent walking videos and other helpful ideas to help you and your pet become more inseparable.

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