Simple Dog Obedience Training Programs

The use of dog obedience training in training your dog has proved to be beneficial for the both of you. The process of dog obedience training is usually undertaken by the owner who cares for the dog and wants his best friend to be obedient and friendly towards his family and friends.

Dog obedience training is a method of dog psychology that employs behavior analysis that applies the relationship between antecedent and effects of behaviors, either on the part of the dog or on the part of its human master, to alter the dog’s behavior in some way so that it can be adapted to certain tasks or undertake different activities in modern domestic life. The training usually takes place during a particular stage of life when both the dog and its owner are ready to change their ways and learn new behaviors. The actual process is relatively brief, and takes only a few days but you must be patient because it can be frustrating if you try to implement it when your dog is still stubborn.

Simple Dog Obedience Training Programs


The first step in dog obedience training is learning the basic commands of sit, stay, come and down. This will make it easier for you to train your dog to follow them properly and quickly. These basic commands are accompanied by positive reinforcement such as treats. Treats will be used if your dog performs the basic commands correctly. You must reward your dog for every correct execution of the commands by giving him a treat.


For dog obedience training you should apply the same positive reinforcement technique when using the sit command. Your dog will need to sit calmly and then remain stationary on the spot without crossing your feet or moving in any way. When your dog does this, immediately give him a reward by stroking him with a lapel or spray bottle and/or with a piece of food as a reward. Praise your dog every time he successfully sits.


If your dog learns to sit at the command of your left hand you can move on to the next exercise. That is conditioning your dog to remain sitting on command. Now, it’s not a good idea to expect your dog to stay still all the time. It is a great way to exercise your dog’s mind and socialize him to other dogs. But remember your dog will get tired and lose focus so be sure to start off short and work your way up to longer training sessions.


The next exercise is the stay command. Again, you want to use the command “stay” with some sort of a treat in your left hand. As your dog stays still with that treat in your left hand, reward him with praise or a high-value treat. After your dog stays still for three consecutive days to give him a treat and immediately take him outside to his next reward. This will help keep him focused and help keep his attention focused on you.


Teaching your dog to come when called is another great way to practice obedience training with your dog. You would need a treat as well as your dog is coming to you. A professional dog trainer can help you work up your motivation levels as well as teach you how to call your dog.


Sit, stay, and come are very easy to teach using these basic commands. The reward system works great if you practice after you’ve learned the commands. Using treats to motivate your dog works better than having a treat as your reward. The trick is to only reward your dog when he performs the action correctly. If he doesn’t perform the action correctly you should ignore him or give him a no-treat reward. Using treats to motivate your dog is a great way to teach him the basics.


The above two dog obedience training programs are a great way to start your dog’s obedience training program. I would recommend that you have one program and practice until it is correct before transitioning to using the other. This is why I strongly suggest that you start with the basics first.

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