Rewards – An Important Part of Dog Training

Rewards are a very important a part of training. How you reward your puppy will affect your puppy’s learning and gratification now and in the near future.

Rewards are available in different shapes and sizes. A reward is anything your puppy finds of the quality, to put it differently, something that is really important to him. This can be any of the following:


Verbal Praise

Food Treats



What you utilize to get a reward for your pet really is dependent upon your own personal dog’s desires and demands. The higher the value – the quicker the response.

Personally, I believe that Petting and Praise ought to be the main reward. You want your puppy to get results for YOU, not that which you could have. Play using toys is my second choice – above food. Interaction is a good method to reward your dog, again they’re helping you, not what’s in your wallet. Your dog has the capacity to form a psychological bond along, so use that to your benefit. Make him want to please you and then try to please you to your attention, rather than what food treat you can offer him.

My dog, Hodge, will spit out food for a ball or any other fetch toy. He lives for Fetch. That, in addition to Petting and Verbal Praise, ‘s what I use as his main reward. Sometimes I do use food treats, but mainly we play Fetch following a workout. This is how I get him to genuinely benefit me, not for which I may have for him. He knows that whenever work always comes play that is certainly electronics equipment ? worthwhile for him.

So, while training your puppy, try to discover if there is another reward you’ll be able to give your puppy other than food. You want your puppy to get results for you and pay attention to you whenever you don’t possess treats in your hand. Doing this will help to facilitate a better relationship with your canine and may put you on the road to creating a dog who learns you with or without food!