Reward Based Dog Training – Teaching Your Puppy to Sit

This article shares with you the way to work with reward based methods of training to show a puppy to take a seat.

Step one: Get some super yummy treats ready for your workout. You should have about 100-200 treats intended for a session. This is a delicacy intensive exercise so don’t skimp around the goodies.

Step Two: Find a quiet, distraction free area to work in.

Step Three: Get some treats out and hang them inside your hand. Get down on your puppies level. Take your hand and put it in front of your puppies nose. When puppy becomes interested start moving your hand around getting them chase it. Do this slowly, you don’t need to turn to fast here. You want the puppy in order to almost touch your hand.

Step Four: Once your puppy is super thinking about the treats and chasing your hand around, stop, allow them nibble for your hand, and slowly raise the hand upwards and slightly backwards. Your hand should not be any a lot more than an inch or two from your dogs nose the entire time you’re raising it.

Step Five: When your puppies little bum hits the ground, say, ‘yes!’ or anything you would really like and provides them a delicacy reward.

Step Six: Repeat the exercise.

You usually do not say, ‘sit’ unless you can reliably predict your dog is going to sit down if you lure them with your hand. When you can reliably predict that a puppy is going by sitting, you could then add the verbal cue of ‘sit’ on the exercise.

However, you should say, ‘Sit’ then lure them. Do no attempt to say ‘sit’ and lure as well. The word should always be said a moment before the lure.

If you lure and say ‘sit’ concurrently the puppy will offer more charm for your hand luring them rather than the verbal cue of sit.

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