Reversing Bad Habits in English Bulldog Puppies

Some English Bulldog puppies have undesirable habits – some are easier to cope with as opposed to runners. And some are just downright embarrassing, destructive or annoying. There is hope! With proper training and unique techniques, it is possible to reverse these habits and set them to an end forever!

Accidents in the home really are a popular problem with English Bulldog puppy owners. Even when they are going with the proper potty training steps, they still find their puppies are eliminating indoors. The fix is not hard! Always keep a close eye on your puppy to be sure you realize where he or she is and what he’s doing all the time. If you see the “gotta go” behavior of sniffing around, handing over circles or going finding odd areas of your house to “hide”, immediately usher him outside until he does his business. If you never allow him to go to the bathroom in the house try to have a very close eye on him, he’ll never learn that going in the home is the place to go. And if he’s already started to have accidents internally, carefully watching him will reduce the potential for it happening again.

Humping is often a bad habit which can be extremely embarrassing to people who own English Bulldog puppies. While humping isn’t necessarily a sexual reaction, will still be a behavior that isn’t acceptable. Watch your pup while he could be around other dogs to hold a watchful eye on his behavior. As soon as he starts to exhibit humping behaviors, pull him away or create a sharp, loud sound like “eh”. Your puppy will ultimately learn these behaviors are unacceptable and may quit.

You walk in the door at the end of a long, stressful day, arms filled with groceries and paperwork. Your puppy greets you by jumping up throughout you, knocking everything from the hands and papers and groceries go flying. Sound familiar? Jumping up, although a sweet gesture to demonstrate how excited he or she is to find out you, shouldn’t be one that’s allowed. Stopping this behavior is straightforward. When you come home and your puppy is jumping, excited and seen, pay him no attention. Once he is settled with out longer acting crazy, you might stoop to his level to pay for him the attention he deserves. If you as well as the members of all your family members carry on this consistent behavior, your English Bulldog puppy may ultimately learn that jumping up gets him nothing and calm behavior gets him what he wants – you!

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