Puppy Training Classes – Are They a Waste Of Time?

Wouldn’t it be nice in case your dog was born already knowing not to chew on your shoes, or have a poo during a floor? Just imagine how awesome that might be, if you had your dog that didn’t wait to bark before the thing from the movie was on or you were by using an important phone call. Just imagine for just a moment in case your dog simply knew the sit, stay and come commands at birth. Uhhhh… it’s possible to dream right?

I wrote this informative article in an effort to help others stay away from the pitfalls that my spouse and I had endured when attempting the various canine training schools as well as other methods on the market. Consider this information a tell all article through the diary of an frustrated and desperate dog owner. I will open all pages of my well being and let you have the good and the bad that our kids and I experienced on our journey to finding an ideal solution. You will get to learn all the proper dog training schools that I researched, the books that I have read, as well as the DVD courses that I have watched. Just by reading this informative article you will lay aside yourself hundreds or else lots of money on useless information. Continue reading and join me with a journey that only I can share since I was the one that experienced it firsthand.

As a kid we had children dog named Wags. Dad was the individual that trained Wags and permit me to tell you he was one in the coolest dogs on earth. As a little runt Wags might have accidents inside your home and pa would pick him up through the back of his neck and rub his nose inside it and toss him your house. Let me tell you this didn’t take Wags long to know that owning an accident inside your home was out of the question. My dad use to dicuss inside a John Wayne type voice and tell Wags to ‘stick ’em up’. Wags would sit up on his back legs and put both paws in mid-air. Dad would then say, ‘Bang’ and Wags would fall over and play dead. My friends and I use to think it was the coolest thing ever.

I eventually started a family of my own, personal, and may not wait to add children dog to my growing family. When it stumbled on choosing a family group dog I was out voted by my wife who lovingly let me know that individuals were receiving a toy poodle. The poodle she choose must be spawn from the devil himself. This dog has not liked me for reasons unknown, she would target my shoes to chew on, she would urinate on my small clothing, the list goes on in connection with torture techniques until this demon dog would use to generate my entire life miserable.

As far as my lady was concerned it had been more important to spotlight dog clothes and exactly how cute your pet looked as opposed to the dogs obedience. It wasn’t until the dog bit one with the kids that everything became real for my spouse. I jumped in and followed inside footsteps of dad and began training your new puppy. Once my lady seen my methods she immediately became outraged and declared my methods were inhuman. She began looking up puppy training classes, and I was amazed at simply how much they cost.

After researching every dog trainer in a 100 miles of where we lived we finally determined. Once the puppy training classes were over things gave the impression to improve for a couple months. Slowly but surely the demon dog had returned. It was like our dog had never had any training what-so-ever. Our lovely little poodle was returning to chewing up my shoes, having a dump all over the house, and snapping at me. Awwww the nightmare was back! At first we thought we may have chosen an unacceptable dog trainer. Several dog trainers later we realized it had been not us, though the trainers. Granted some trainers were a lot better than others, we still were not satisfied with the end results.

After going the road of several so-called professional dog trainers we chose to take matters in our own hands. We spend several hundred dollars on canine training courses, puppy training classes, books, DVD’s along with the list goes on and on. The strange part is each with the courses did nothing but contradict the next course. Each course we studied swore down and up that his or her method was the best ever. Do not get me wrong… A few of the techniques worked like a charm, and some were just a major fat total waste.

My main problem with all from the dog training classes, courses or whatever you want to refer to it as out their was they offered no guarantee. I believe if you’re confident in your skill then you definitely should offer some type of guarantee. For example if I sent my dog in your training school and 3 to 4 months later she or he returned on their normal demeanor send a partial refund, a no cost bag of pet food – anything is a lot better than nothing. Even when we bought a book I often felt like I had been robbed with no gun.

It was time for it to stop the madness and take on the work of training our dog ourselves. My wife consented to permit me to be the one accountable for training our poodle so long as I did not make use of the method I had learned from my father. Once again the search was on and I eventually found a dog study course that has been was easy to apply and was extremely enjoyable for me personally and my little demon poodle:D. Friends and family were so impressed with the results that I had gotten they started taking the same course and you know what? They achieved a similar results – it absolutely was incredible, and labored on puppies, big dogs, small dogs as well as older dogs.

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