Pros and Cons of Owning a French Bulldog

French bulldogs are increasingly becoming preferred among celebrities plus in the normal population. Before you rush in getting yourself one of these simple Frenchies, what are a number of the what exactly you need to understand about these breed? What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a French bulldog?


– These dogs are small and curious dogs making them ideal as house pets. They also adapt well to changes.

– They are affectionate and lovable dogs which might be loyal with their owners and will never miss a way to charm those around them.

– They are intelligent and straightforward to teach. Their curiosity means they are ready to accept interesting things and therefore they could learn relatively fast.

– They go along well with other animals, some may show aggressive behavior but this will be easily handled through training.

– They tend not to need a great deal of exercise, a shorter walk later in the day will perform.

– They are low maintenance due to their short-haired coat which only requires brushing once in a while to keep it in good shape.


– They are harmful for maintain. Frenchies are expensive to buy specifically if you want one that’s from your good line. That aside addititionally there is food, and medical expenses.

– They suffer from some health conditions which is the reason you can purchase Frenchies from a good bloodline. These health concerns will most likely cost owners much to manage or treat.

– They are at risk of various allergies, which means owners must be very observant in the case of any symptoms.

– They could be stubborn at times and don’t conform to commands. This makes it difficult to teach some Frenchies.

– Because of their structure Frenchies will commonly snore while sleeping and from time to time when awake in addition they might also drool a great deal. Some people dislike this sound and many owners have given up their Frenchies due to these.

– While Frenchies usually do not show as numerous behavior problems as his or her counterparts the English bulldogs, additionally they like to chew and may be very destructive. This behavior can easily be controlled with training. Some Frenchies also are usually aggressive towards other dogs and strangers which is undesirable.

It is essential which you carefully weigh your options before you consider buying a bulldog. Some of these problems may be avoided if you opt for from the right place, that is, find the best breeder who’s expertise in breeding Frenchies.

You should preferably get a Frenchie as a puppy and train him yourself to acquire the type of results you expect. There are many rescue organizations with Frenchies which have been abandoned by their former owners. If you are approximately task and tend not to mind many of the problems such Frenchies will certainly have, it is possible to adopt one.

It will be your choice to make on if the pros own it or perhaps the cons have convinced you otherwise.

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