Part One – Keeping Children Safe Around Dogs – The Facts

Keeping children safe around dogs must be a top priority for all those puppy owners, when they’ve children or otherwise. For parents too, it should rate as highly as road traffic education and home safety. I shouldn’t alarm anyone or put them off owning a dog but we ought to all be alert to how fast dogs can become aggressive along with the inherent dangers they pose. You wouldn’t leave your child unattended inside the bath using a hair dryer. You need to consider leaving a youngster alone using a dog in the same light.

I am your pet dog trainer and I have owned many dogs possibly at no reason would I allow any one of my dogs to get alone with children. My dogs are certainly not vicious or uncontrollable but I understand the fundamentals of dog behaviour understanding that this doesn’t happen mix well with children who don’t. I want to maintain children safe and I don’t want to need to have my dog euthanized because it bit a kid.

If starting with the premise that dogs are dangers we are on target to keeping children safe around dogs. A dog’s behaviour is founded on wolf instinct (about 80%) and breeding and training (about 20%). Therefore, a dog will react if threatened by attacking and also this can occur in a minute with no overt indicators including growling or barking.

All dogs have a tolerance level to being mishandled based upon the breed as well as the dog’s experience and training. Dogs which can be bred for hunting, chasing down game, fighting or flock herding have a very lower tolerance of being mishandled by children. These are dogs that are more aggressive by nature. There is nothing wrong with this particular this is a by product of their breeding. For example, Fox, Rat and Jack Russell Terriers are bred to run down dark holes and provide out game. This has a great deal of courage and determination but these qualities often don’t mix well with boisterous children who pull tails and tweak ears.

Dogs which are flock guarding use a higher tolerance. These dogs are bred to own more patience and become more observant. They are larger in proportions but more docile inside the family environment.

These are simply general guidelines and now we truly realize with the Border Collie that lets the youngsters sleep on its bed and the Golden Retriever that might rip your hand off with the fence. However, that is silly to dismiss the research. When choosing the very best breed for you personally research before you buy and ask experts, breeders, veterinarians and pet shelters what’s their opinion of an particular breed.

All puppy owners and trainers must accept responsibility for keeping children safe around dogs. Dogs have two times as many teeth even as do and have a many more power inside their jaws. When they attack, they shake and rip their prey. And when they attack children, dogs instinctively choose the face causing terrible damage.

If most of us communicate to keep children safe, then our dogs and our youngsters will be able to build a wonderful relationship depending on trust and love. Children which have matured with dogs tend to be community minded, able to better empathise web-sites show kindness and tolerance to people and animals.

To develop these wonderful characteristics in our little ones they need to grow up with dogs inside a safe and supervised environment.

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