Is an English Bulldog The Perfect Dog For You?

Originating in England for bull and bearbaiting, the English Bulldog we all know and love today, is often a far cry using their ferocious forefather.

Granted, they just don’t rank highly for the intelligence ladder; but whatever they lack in looks and brainpower, they’ve created with all the important qualities extremely important for a wonderful family pet. Ask any English Bulldog owner to explain their pet and what you hear you can get past that wrinkled, grumpy looking face and right to their heart of gold.

Loyal, devoted, silly, clownish, sensitive, gentle, faithful, unrelenting, playful, stubborn, docile, strong, patient, friendly, cuddly, loves people, loves children, wonderful, affectionate, a people dog, are some of the words you may hear. Their gentle, yet protective nature cause them so endearing.

Three traits most English Bulldog owners truly appreciate are how sensitive their dog is usually to their moods, whether it’s silly or somber. Another rather unique quality is; rare is surely an English Bulldog which will stray far from owner or home. To them, there isn’t any other place they will prefer to be, as compared to their family. Finally, the most important one, because they’re so patient, are exceptionally excellent with children.

On the other hand, they do drool, snort, grunt, and pass gas like champs! They are also messy eaters and drinkers, so you’ll need to keep a towel on the shoulder for many that shlub. Being persistent and aggressive chewers, it’s vital to keep lots of safe chew items easily available.

Food is a priority to the eating machine. They might be food possessive. It is vital to train them while young, inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Watch how much they weigh. Overweight dogs generally other health issues because by how much they weigh.

English Bulldogs have to be obedience trained and socialized as little as possible. They will do not be the valedictorian with their obedience class. But, with lots of patience, fair, firm and consistent leadership on your own part and don’t forget treats, they will grasp the fundamentals of heel, sit, stay down, focus and come through positive reinforcement strategies to training. Doing tricks offends their a sense dignity. Yet, getting dressed up in goofy costumes and being the middle of attention suits that silly side of which.

They stand about 15 inches high and therefore are solid as being a rock! Their ideal average weight is 50 to 60 lbs.

Think ones as sprinters, not endurance athletes. A good walk inside the cool during the day, or possibly a short romp in a very dog park and they good to go home and cuddle. That makes them great apartment dogs. It’s no surprise they’re inside the Non-Sport group.

They love attention and are persistent about receiving it. Most are slow to mature, so you will enjoy their puppy like and clownish behavior for a while.

It is essential to note, they can’t sink being a rock! If you have a pool, or take them anywhere there’s water, watch them just like a hawk.

Being brachycephalic, they are susceptible to hypothermia and hyperthermia. Use caution with extreme heat or cold; either could be fatal.

They are simple to groom, but do require a regular wipe of these face and wrinkles having a damp washcloth to be socially acceptable.

They really have their great number of health concerns, including: patellar luxation, hip displasia, cardiac issues, cancer, allergies, respiratory and skin problems,

They can be predisposed to eye problems for example, cataracts, poor eyesight and cherry eyes (protrusion of lower eyelid).

Because of their broad skulls, 80% of puppies are born through Caesarian section.

Their average lifespan is 8-10 years.

Bottom line: Do your homework. Learn everything that it is possible to about the English Bulldog before committing your heart to them. They do need an extra work than some dogs. To show their appreciation, be prepared being the center of these universe. Stay away from flea market, backyard breeders and pet stores. Use only responsible, trustworthy breeders or see your local shelters and rescues. Who knows, your new companion may there patiently expecting you.

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