Is a French Bulldog The Perfect Dog For You?

Cousin for the Boston Terrier, plus the American and English Bulldog, the intelligent, friendly, comical and quite affectionate French Bulldog has become a loving companion and fun pet dog.

Lance makers in England, miniaturized their English Bulldogs to produce a lap dog for companionship. During Europe’s Industrial Revolution, many migrated to France taking their small dogs together. Soon, these were a huge hit in France and were known as the French Bulldog.

As a testament to their docile temperament and light-hearted personalities, if the original Boston Terriers were modified from vicious fighting dogs to gentle companion pets, a pinch of French Bulldog was added for the mix. To this day the Boston Terrier carries the best of the Frenchies genial traits.

Affectionately called a Frenchie, frog dog and/or clown dog, this little rascal is often a favorite dog and wonderful companion for older owners. Their antics keep driver with everything amused all night. They love attention and definately will do anything for it.

Frenchies love people! Ask their owners to describe them and you will hear: silly, comical, laid back, sweet, adorable, intelligent, loveable, active, fun, devoted, playful, nosy, loves everything, easy going, alert, happy and stubborn! Intact males is often overly aggressive, especially to males. It is suggested to not have same-sex Frenchies within the same roof. They usually do better when paired with a potential partner.

As always, they must be supervised with younger kids, who should not be encouraged to buy them and carry them around. Normally, they learn better with older kids, because they can be rambunctious, get carried away and play rather rough from time to time. For the most part, they do get along well along with other small animals, but they ought to be supervised, simply because they may be forceful.

Their exercise needs are quite minimal when compared with other breeds. A couple of brisk walks, accompanied by some interactive playtime with their owner plus they are usually good to go inside and chill out. Some do quite nicely in rally, agility, flyball and obedience competitions.

They are intelligent and love to learn. It is suggested to acquire your little guy or gal into positive reinforcement, punishment-free Puppy Kindergarten, socialization and behavior training. Besides helping your dog or dog turned into a well-mannered, well-adjust dog, it may help you learn to be described as a better leader. Like many small breeds, if the Frenchie senses an absence of leadership, the negative behavioral problems of Small Dog Syndrome could appear.

A terrific apartment and condo pet, this breed won’t are generally yappy, or obsessive about barking.

Their degree of energy ranges from a quiet calm couch potato to an off-the-wall poochie with no OFF button. That being the truth, ensure that the one you choose fits yourself.

Frenchies really are a brachycephlic breed; meaning, “short head.” This makes them not merely sensitive to extremes in temperature, commemorate them champs within the snoring, snorting and farting categories!

They are not an outside dog. This is really a dog that isn’t happy when tossed out in the yard and forgotten. If that is they form of dog you would like, don’t get a dog!

The most of Frenchies are conceived by artificial insemination and therefore are born by Caesarian section. They average in weight from 20-30 pounds, which has a lifespan of 10-12 years. The French Bulldog is inside Mastiff family, Non-sport group.

Health issues include: heat stroke, obesity, Von Willebrands Disease, back and spine problems, skin allergies, an under active thyroid, eye problems, joint disease and cardiovascular disease. They are susceptible to megaesophagus or regurgitation, which can cause aspiration pneumonia. They also have a problem with standard anesthesia. Talk to your veterinarian about other options if the need arises.

Don’t overfeed them. They are endearing, manipulative charmers and will do anything to wheedle another treat or two. Obesity can bring about serious health issues.

Grooming is a cinch! Most of the time a rub down which has a damp towel along with a quick brushing does the secret to success. They are minimal shedders. Bathe them only if necessary. Check and clean those enormous bat ears regularly.

Bottom line: Do your homework. Research the breed. Talk to French Bulldog owners. This can be a great pet ideal person or family. Run; don’t avoid puppies at pet stores, classifieds and flea markets. They only perpetuate horrifying puppy mills and sloppy, inexperienced backyard breeders. It may cost a bit more, but an established, responsible breeder can be your best bet to get a healthier, happier dog. If you cannot afford a good breeder, check with shelter and rescues. As Frenchies are extremely favored by older owners, many are surrendered due to simply life circumstances. You just might find a new best friend there, patiently awaiting you along with a forever home.

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