Information Regarding the Brindle French Bulldog

The Brindle French Bulldog is the typical captivating French Bulldog with an overall beautiful coat pattern consisting of random black and white stripes along the entire coat. In fact a Brindle French Bulldog often looks like a white or black mastiff dog mixed with other white or black markings on its body. Basically, a pure white French Bulldog shade mixed with lighter colored hair colors. But the actual coloring of a Brindle French Bulldog depends upon the dam, markings and coloring on the mother’s side.

These are actually different types of colored French Bulldogs that have been bred over the years. Basically they have the same genetic makeup but in general, the dam and sire is the same. Breeding two different types of bulldogs often results in a mix of these and other colors. This is because each color has a different type of marker. They have the known brindle color gene, the k-locus gene, which determines brindle color.

As mentioned above, there are three main color varieties for the French bulldog coat colors. They are as follows; Brindle, Blenheim and White. White and blenheim are typically referred to as pure white and blenheim as blenheim with black markings. These colors typically vary in terms of markings on the body and in the patterns of the coat. These are the primary coat colors.

Brindle French Bulldogs usually have longer coats with high quality of brindle. The brindle fibers can be spotted easily in comparison to any other dog breeds. They do however have some degree of “duplication” of the brindle fiber traits that produces varying results. There is a high occurrence of brindle Frenchie breeders that claim their dogs have long hair, but the reality is most have short hair.

The white fur of the white or blenheim variety are often brindle or white. The most notable feature is the white striping on the face and head. In spite of this brindle French bulldog puppy will not be a white bulldog. They will instead exhibit white fur mixed with darker shades of brindle or white. Their patterns will also tend to be on the more solid side compared to the white and blenheim varieties.

Health-Related Issues: Health-Related issues for the French Bulldog are relatively mild compared to other types of dog breeds. However, they still do have certain health-related risk factors such as heart disease, kidney disease, leukemia and even cancer at higher risk. Health Related risks for the French Bulldog include eye tumors, skin disorders, epilepsy, glaucoma, and in some cases, even death. Because these conditions are so serious, it is very important to get your pups checked out by an expert in dog health every year. A licensed veterinarian can make sure that your Bulldog is healthy and free from health-related problems.

The physical appearance of the French Bulldog is medium to long with a coarse coat of hair and a white tip that is usually dark blue or slate in color. Their heads may have a “teardrop” or “ridge” structure and generally look kind of like they have been scooped over. The distinctive brindle striping pattern on the face is where the majority of the distinctive French Bulldog traits reside. This includes the distinctive white tip which is usually white with varying shades of blue or slate.

Not only does the brindle pattern on the face signify this particular type of French Bulldog, it actually is composed of a black and white pattern that covers their entire body. Their legs also have a black stripe going from their knee to their ankle. Because of the white markings, these dogs are usually identified as the white french bulldogs with the red fawn or black markings on their legs.

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