Improve Your Creative Dog Grooming Skills

A creative dog grooming tip is to always keep their nails short. This does not mean cut them very short but that they are trimmed on a regular basis. When they get too long it can cause discomfort for your dog and be very painful for them. Nails that grow out too long can even cause damage or even infection to the skin around the nail. A dog who is not able to have their nails trimmed will chew at their nails to try and rid themselves of the pain. This can result in a broken nail, too thick of a coat, and very dirty nails.

Another creative dog grooming tip is that many animal shelter employees do not know how to handle pet carriers. These are large bags full of dogs and cats and it can take quite an effort to carry even one of these large bags from place to place. Many of the pet carrier bags are filled with dead animals that were just abandoned and many times they do not have the heart to take the pets back home. The good news is that there are many professional and very compassionate pet carrier people out there that can often get these animals off of the bottom of the bags and make it safe for the pet owner to drop them off at their home or place of work.

There are many creative dog grooming ideas that can be used by dog groomers. One is when a pet has worms or other parasites they can sometimes have them removed surgically. This is not something that most people want to consider doing. They may feel that the pet will die if this procedure is performed. This creative grooming idea is to use worm farming medicine and create a homemade paste that the pet can put on their own fur to remove the parasites.

Pet groomers can also use creative dog grooming ideas for shows and competitions. Many times these canine competitors will dye their coats different colors in order to stand out from the other dogs. Pet hair dye and acrylic dye can be purchased at your local pet store.

Pet groomers can find creative ideas by searching online. Many times there will be a link for a certification program that can help groomers understand the specific needs of each dog that they are grooming. This certification program will teach the groomer exactly what methods are needed to properly care for each breed. Once the pet owner has a certification program they can go out on a site like Petploma Ranch and show off their unique style and creativity.

Most of these creative dog grooming ideas require the pet owner to have a commitment to their personal grooming. Pet groomers will sometimes train the animal for a few weeks if they are not fully house trained. Once the animal is fully housebroken they will then need around eight to ten weeks of consistent training before the animal can be certified.

Pet groomers will have to make a commitment to maintaining those creative ideas throughout the animal’s life. The best creative dog grooming groomers will spend a couple of months grooming an animal before taking it into the competition ring. After all, there are only about three months of the year when the animals are available. If the animal starts showing up in pet shows during the summer they will not have enough time to groom it well prior to the competition. The more the pet shows the more the groomer will have to devote to it.

If you want to take your creative grooming to the next level you will probably have to join a club or take classes at a school. At a club there will be other pet owners that will be in the same shoes as you and they will be able to give you tips on how to improve your style and keep your animals looking their best. Joining a class can also help you get a networking opportunity. Pet groomers that take classes on creative dog grooming may meet other pet owners who will provide them with new clients.

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