If You Want To Train Your English Bulldog, Here Is A Must Have Dog Training Equipment

Any Bulldog owner will tell you that many dogs aren’t used to having things in their mouth. It’s the owner’s fault. A simple dog training equipment can make all the difference in your dog’s life.

Don’t have dog-training equipment? Look into what your local stores have to offer. I am sure that your local shopping center or pet supply store has equipment that is used to teach your dog to walk on a leash.

Dog Training Gear to Train Your Bulldog

Here’s a list of equipment that you can use to train your bulldog. The equipment costs around $15.

Dog Training Crate

The dog crate is one of the best training tools for Bulldog owners. It is safe, simple to use and can train your dog how to be respectful of your other objects that have a value.

The crate needs to be about 6-inches tall. That’s the height of a bulldog’s chest and it needs to fit on top of your table.

Take your dog to your local pet store to pick out the proper sized crate.

Once you have the proper size crate, insert it in a table. Place your dog inside and then go away for a while. When you come back, say good bye and show the dog a small treat.

If the dog moves around the crate, give it a command to sit or shake a paw.

It will take a few times, but the dog will understand what is being asked of it. Many dogs do not respond well to basic commands such as sit or shake, so you need to teach those commands separately.

Find a Companion Pillow

Using the companion pillow is a great way to teach your dog that something valuable can be placed in his or her mouth.

You can teach your dog that by putting a treat on the pillow and letting him know that when he touches the pillow with his nose, he gets the treat.


  • Place a treat on the pillow and give a command such as “Touch.”
  • Then give him a command to “Sit.”
  • The treats need to be in the pillow at all times.
  • At first, your dog may only touch the pillow with his nose once in a while.
  • When he touches the pillow and gets the treat, he will repeat the command.
  • After a few tries, he will get the point.

A Stool or Trampoline

You can use a stool or a trampoline to teach your dog how to walk on a leash.


  • If your dog is not getting the point, try a smaller stool or trampoline.
  • Put your dog on the stool or trampoline.
  • Then place something valuable in his mouth, such as your dog’s collar or a plastic bag.
  • Give the command, “Lie down.”
  • Keep the leash tight.
  • Make sure the dog stays on the stool or trampoline, not on the floor.
  • You can add your hand to the leash to make sure the dog stays put.
  • As long as the dog doesn’t move, he will get the treat.

Dog Strap

There are many different dog leashes out there. Some are better than others.

Some dog owners will go with the plastic leash because it is cheap. You can get it at any pet store, or you can make your own dog leash.

You can find a very simple to make leash on a website like Amazon.

Dog Leash Instructions:

  • Wrap the leash around your dog’s neck and tie the end.
  • Your dog may fight to go on the leash, but you can adjust the strap so that it is comfortable for him.
  • Label the leash with the name and address of the person who made it.

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