Hyper Dog – Tips To Living With A High Energy Dog

Most dogs were bred for the specific job, like herding, hunting, guarding the flock or retrieving. Few dogs today continue to exist farms or arrive at perform the work they were bred to do. A working collie can happily spend all day operating a flock of sheep or herd of cows; a creature collie without a job has very few outlets for the high energy. Dogs can also be primarily pack animals, in order that they may develop separation anxiety when left alone throughout the day. Training and employ can help high energy dogs.


1. Exercise your puppy daily. Take him for too long walks and even runs, and place a backpack on him to offer him feeling of purpose(and maybe wear him out faster). Enroll the dog in a pet daycare facility if needed, even weekly may help wear him out and boost his confidence. Arrange ‘play dates’ with friend’s or neighborhood dogs, this greatly helps work his energy out.

2. Combine training with play to assist teach the dog self control. To help the dog feel as if he or she is performing a job, lead him to sit before you throw him a ball and provides him a command when it’s OK to retrieve it, or teach him the way to jump over low obstacles or do simple tricks for example shake hands and rollover.

3. Give your canine resilient chew toys or interactive toys when you set off. Most pet stores sell a many toys that can be filled with treats or try freezing peanut butter in the toy; for example a Kong. Giving these kind of toys to your pet will offer him a time consuming challenge because he seeks to remove the treat.

4. Offer agility training opportunities for your dog. Many training facilities have herding, obedience, agility or flyball classes that offer an outlet for the dog’s energy and an environment for socializing with other dogs.

5. Crate train your pet. Dogs who become destructive (either as a result of boredom or anxiety) when you leave should be contained not only to protect your furniture but to hold him protected from chewing the wrong things. Don’t over utilize a crate, but do use it if your pet can’t be left alone with out being destructive.

6. Make leaving and coming back home very non eventful. Dogs who become anxious, destructive or noisy when left alone are easily overexcited by you coming all night. Calmly hand your dog a chew toy or spread some dog food on the floor or inside the crate right before you decide to leave, and walk out quietly.

7. Talk to your vet if your canine’s hyperactivity or destructiveness doesn’t improve with additional exercise and training. Make sure there’s isn’t a medical cause, and get about anxiety medications if your new puppy’s behavior is absolutely bad. Medication coupled with behavioral modification exercises can be effective for highly anxious dogs.

Hopefully these steps help managing your high energy dog far more bearable. Thank you for reading, please comeback and revel in our articles regularly.


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