How to Train Your Dog and Have Fun!

I have had many dogs before but on this occasion; this is the only dog that really hears me when I talk with her. Why? Because I trained her. What else is it?

Initially I thought it was difficult to train a puppy… however it wound up really simple. And after I have trained her, the rest is ‘easy’, and it’s feasible for the rest of your lives (when you don’t get a very long time of trouble using this dog)

Alright, there are several tips that I wish to reveal to you before you start teaching your dog. These are the tips I learned from your lady who trained her poodle so well that I got so excited I asked her, ‘How have you do this?’ She laughed and told me how and what I must do. I applied what she trained me in and surprisingly, this is actually the first time I ever experience that own a dog might be that hassle-free.

These are some of the training tips:

Toilet training:

My dog will still only do her business on newspapers. How to train her to pee and poo on newspapers only? EASY.

I put her in a very place where the ground is included with newspaper, all over, almost every inch of space. And keep her there for a time frame. This method is to let her pee and poo on the newspaper, whether she likes it or otherwise not.

After 2-3 weeks, I reduce the newspaper area to a smaller size, and she or he still pee and poo for the newspaper. After per week, I reduce again the newspaper area to even smaller size.. so when she want to do business, she’ll sniff in which the newspaper is, and there you go!

So now, I can release my dog and let her run around.. but i ensure there is a newspaper place where she will do her business.

For tricks:

1. Get your puppy’s favorite food (dry). (or else, any ‘treats’ is going to do, as dogs is certain to get alert each time there exists food around) The food would be to reward her each and every time she does everything you say correctly.

2. How does she get sound advice? Now, this is dependent upon each dog’s breed and intelligence i’d say. For my Silky Terrier, I started with the command ‘Sit.’

3. REMEMBER: Start with one sort of training every day. For example, if you desire to train your dog to take a seat, just train her for one week until she really sits before selling it to another command. DO NOT give your dog countless commands concurrently, you will only confuse her and she will not follow simple proven steps!

4. I place her looking at me, around the floor; she is going to be looking at me since i am holding her ‘treat’. Then I will say SIT! She just talks about me and the food, man! She doesn’t know very well what the heck is SIT! Then I repeat SIT, while holding her backside and then try to position her to take a seat. I tried a few times, so when she has that position, IMMEDIATELY i gave her the treat. But we are NOT done yet. She needs confirmation. Over and over again… until it sinks straight into her brain. Once again, I command her SIT! Nothing happen… I kept saying the saying SIT while helping her using the position. And once again, u saw what she could do, IMMEDIATELY leave her with another ‘treat’. When I say IMMEDIATE, it indicates in just a second or two. You don’t have time for it to cost your rack and get the bag of treats, taking out, and run back to your dog, NO! You HAVE TO have it with you anytime you see your puppy perform the right command. THIS IS CRUCIAL!

Repeat this training continuously, your canine know how to sit whenever you ask her to. I suggest you continue doing this training for the week. Then proceed to another command. Whatever command you prefer: STAY, ROLLOVER, JUMP and so forth etc.

Teaching your puppy to ROLLOVER can be as easy as asking her to SIT.

My dog can also play dead when I shoot her. As I want to jog, I always bring her along devoid of the leash, and she or he jog with me at night loyally.

All training applies the same rules. You just have to understand that dogs like rewards. If you allow them to have ‘treats’ after they did something, they would need to do this again! Until you do not require treats to go them for the reason that command has sunk into their depths of the mind.

I hope these tips help. Well, different dogs have different personalities, training them well will save you a very long time of trouble!

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