How to Train a Puppy to Walk on a Leash – 4 Puppy Leash Training Tips

One of the greatest joys a dog owner has is the place they get their dog for a walk. It is a bonding process for both, then one that is certainly crucial that you the connection between dog and owner. This is why it’s best to learn to train a puppy to steer on the leash early, to be able to enjoy a walk, instead of take care of a tug of war.

Why Train EarlyWhen finding out how to train a puppy to walk on the leash, it’s best to train your puppy at a young age since you need to make them more comfortable with the leash early, rather than later. Teaching later could lead to problems, specifically if the dog is larger and harder to manage as a result.

Choosing A Collar Or HarnessFor a puppy, you should obtain a small leash and collar that can be used. You won’t have to have a choke collar only at that age, but since the dog grows older you could if they still not learned just to walk properly.

If you have a puppy that pulls a lot, you may need to look at an anti-pull harness. These come in many varieties and keeps your new puppy from pulling by giving them the impression that their front paws are lifted off the floor when they pull. There is also no chance the dog will choke with this – unlike with a choke collar.

Decrease PullingIf your dog is pulling, have patience using them. Each time they pull perform the following:

1. Stop immediately

2. Tell your dog to sit

3. Once your dog has sat to get a stretch of time, begin walking again.

Teaching ‘Heel’If you wish to teach your dog simply to walk next to you while you are learning to train a puppy just to walk with a leash, then food is always a good idea to aid teach them. Keep the leash slack and each time the puppy walks properly beside you, allow them to have a treat. Each time they walk beside you, say ‘heel’ and provide them with the treat, which will help them learn exactly what the command means.

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