How to Stop Dog From Licking Paws

If you’re wondering how to stop a dog from licking its paws all the time, there are a number of treatment solutions available. Their appropriateness depends on the specific cause of the problem. You might need to employ more than one of these dog-lick-aloud remedies discussed below because the likely cause of your pooch’s inappropriate engagement in such an activity could be a mixture of various reasons discussed below.

For example, the accumulation of dried fecal matter on their paws is one reason behind the inappropriate behavior. You can help get rid of the extra moisture by sprinkling some baking soda all over its paws. In case you cannot do so for some reason, then you can simply apply some baking soda on its paws with a cotton ball. Let the baking soda do the work for you! The scent will attract the dog’s attention and it will eventually start to lick its paws clean.

A dog that is suffering irritation or boredom in the form of excessive licking might have dental problems. Try giving your pet a toothbrush and toothpaste combo. Use them regularly and your pet can enjoy oral stimulation along with improved oral hygiene. If your dog has no teeth or its teeth are rotting, give your pet toothpaste too. This is especially important if the bad breath that your pet is experiencing is due to the accumulation of bacteria in its mouth.

Other reasons why dogs licking paws during the course of the day are boredom and soreness. If your dog is bored, it might get the tendency to gnaw on things including your furniture and carpets. Moreover, dogs licking their paws when they are bored also suffer from soreness as their paws are being torn by the strong chewing motions. Providing your pet with toys and bones to chew on will help in reducing this tendency.

Soreness from being forced to keep your hands on your pet might also be caused by boredom. When the pet licks your hand, it is not only hurting you but also damaging your skin. In addition, dogs licking paws during the course of the day are signs of anxiety. This means your dog is scared and you should help it to calm down. However, there is no known cure for anxiety but there is available a medication that can be used to reduce the levels of stress felt in the dog.

You should know that dogs have the tendency to bite because it is an innate behavior. However, there can be underlying causes of dogs biting. If the dog is infected with fleas or had an infection when it was a puppy, there could be allergic reactions. At the same time, infections like ringworm and mange may also cause itching, which can be mistaken for biting.

There are many reasons why your dog keeps on licking its paws. To eliminate these problems, you will need to find out the causes of these behaviors and provide your dog with an appropriate remedy. Remember, if the problem is due to allergic reactions, there is no medication that will resolve the problem permanently. However, there are products that can be used to reduce the itchiness and swelling, and there are also products that can help alleviate the pain caused by the bites of fleas and other infections.

Some dogs lick their paws because they like to groom them. As mentioned earlier, it is caused by stress and they just want to comfort themselves by playing with their paws. If you are dealing with a chronic problem caused by allergies or fleas or other infections, consulting a veterinarian will allow your veterinarian to recommend a treatment that will relieve your dog’s discomfort and provide relief to its allergies.

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