How to Stop Dog From Digging

There are many ways on how to stop dog from digging at the back yard. Some dog owners have tried to solve this problem by giving their pet’s something they cannot eat or drink as a punishment. They tie it up with a leash but this only works for a while. The other option is by giving them something that they want like toys and treats to reward them whenever they behave properly. In this article you will learn about a dog training home remedy that can help stop dog from digging in the back yard.

Although, there are a lot of ways you can solve the digging problem of your pet dog, the safest and easiest way is to make him go to the backyard by himself. This is especially helpful for your dogs that are not comfortable when left alone. There are some people who prefer to use a crate for their pets because it can keep them safe when they need to stay inside for a longer period of time. By using a crate, you can easily stop a dog from digging by putting him inside it and he will not be able to dig anymore.

Another thing you can do to stop a dog from digging is by using a dog’s digging muzzle. These are collars that you can buy or rent. This device is very similar with a harness you can use to train your dog to behave properly inside the house. The difference lies on the fact that the digging muzzle is used to control your dog’s behavior instead of training him. If you are going to use this device, you should know that it can take several weeks before your dog understands what it is for and start obeying your command.

If you want your dog to stop digging at the back yard, another thing you can do is by using the command “hole”. You have to do this every time you notice your dog’s digging behaviors around the yard. Say it like this. “Stay away from that hole, pup.”

Digging while your dog is inside your yard can be dangerous for him so you have to teach him to stop that behavior right now. For this, you can use “leave it” command. Just hold the command close to his nose and say it firmly. Do this in front of his nose. If your dog has already started digging in the back yard, all you have to do is to take him outside and put him in his collar and lead him to the designated area.

There are some types of digging behaviors that cannot be stopped and these types include “surfing”, “putting in sand”, “marking their territory” and “digging holes”. Those are the digging behaviors that cannot be stopped. In those cases, you can only remedy those behaviors by taking your pet to the vet for professional cleaning. Usually, fleas and ticks can also be treated. However, if your dog is suffering from digging because of a medical condition like heartworms, parasites or diabetes, there is no other option but to treat him.

You should make it a point not to yell or scream at your dog if he is doing something wrong. You should try to give him appropriate response like “don’t do that, please stop that right now”. You can use a muzzle when you are trying to stop him from digging. If you find it hard to muzzle him, you can use a plastic bag.

It would be best if you are going to build a fence around your yard. When your dog starts digging at the back yard, all you have to do is put a barrier right between him and the digging site. Make sure that you put the fence high enough so that your dog cannot dig underneath it. That will ensure that your dog will not dig anymore in the coming days.

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