How to Stop a Dog From Jumping and Nipping at People

Does your dog jump up on visitors when excited or nervous? If your canine jumps on guests and visitors then it is important for you to know how to stop a dog from jumping and nipping at the heels of visitors. Here are some tips on how to keep your pooch from jumping on people and guests.

One of the first things that you should do when your dog jumps on guests and visitors is to check out the behavior. The behavior is often known as jumping up or leaping around. Why do dogs jump up and why does a well behaved puppy jump up on visitors and guests? Well if you ask most people, they would tell you that the jumping behavior is not acceptable and that a puppy shouldn’t be jumping up on guests and visitors.

It is important to understand that the reason for the jumping and nipping behavior is aggression. If the puppy is being aggressive towards people then the reason for the nipping and jumping is that the puppy is defending themselves. In order to stop this aggressive behavior, you need to be calm and use positive reinforcement when training a puppy not to jump, nip, or chase after others. Here are some guidelines on how to stop a dog from nipping and jumping.

One of the first signs of aggression in dogs is barking. Many times when the canine jumps on another dog a sign of aggression is present. If a dog jumps on another dog, it is a very clear sign that the dog is trying to bite or nibble at the other dog. In order to keep our dogs from becoming aggressive, it is important to make sure that other dogs can understand the command “stay” and that there are no other dogs or people around when a canine is jumping on another dog.

If you are going to teach a young puppy not to jump on another dog, you need to train him on what type of behavior is acceptable. When you are training a puppy, it is important that he knows his place in the family hierarchy and that he cannot jump on kids or on adults when they are not in his pack. If a puppy begins to jump on an adult who is in the family pack he is exhibiting an unacceptable form of canine behavior. So you have to be consistent in reinforcing your dog not to jump on other dogs.

The next step to take when wanting to know how to stop a dog from jumping and nipping at people is to recognize when he is doing this behavior. It is very easy for a puppy to learn how to nip because he is playing with his toys. He needs to learn that only you are allowed to play with him and that he must respect you as the leader of his pack. Dogs who are not trained to accept their position as leader of the pack will continually try to nip and scratch people when they are around them. This is not only obnoxious behavior, but can also cause your dog to develop serious aggression if he is not stopped right away.

To recognize a jumping and nipping puppy, you should first notice that he digs into the ground in order to pull dirt or grass particles off himself. This is a sign of aggression in dogs. Your goal should be to get him to stop this behavior before he feels like he has no way of escape. You can do this by praising him a lot whenever he successfully completes his digging task.

If after several attempts to correct this behavior you still have issues with how to stop a dog from jumping and nipping, then it is time to seek professional help. A veterinarian may be able to give your canine friend a sedative and put him to sleep. In extreme cases, he may need surgery to correct his jumping and nipping habits. However, if you are concerned about aggression in your pet, you should try to address this problem immediately.

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