How to Get Your Dog to Love You and Do the Doggy Things You Want Them to Do

For years there continues to be a symbol a dog is your furry friend, but in reality how true is? Dogs as you may know all originated from the wolf as well as over time have evolved into the various breeds that we see today, most of the progres continues to be due to man so that you can suit his or her own needs. Has this been the right thing to accomplish and is also your new puppy really happy developing a human as his/her owner?

We have loved our canine friends now for many years along with a lot of cases probably enjoy their company more than they enjoy ours. As with most animals we have proved that individuals can and enjoy the capacity to domesticate or otherwise apparently so. There are exceptions where people take wild animals like lions or tigers to their homes as cubs and also over recent years try to teach these animals to reside under human rule.

A great deal of these wild animal stories apparently always end which has a nasty ending. Why is that you think? The people that owned them loved and looked after them did nothing but suggest to them love and compassion yet sooner or later that animal turned and coin a phrase ‘Bit the hand that fed them.’

So to get time for our lovely canine friends and also the question of whether they do want to be with us just as much as we love what is apparently the love that they can share and show towards us?

Whether we like the very fact you aren’t your pet dog is try to will be a wild animal which is still absolutely able to the majority of things that belong to a wild animals umbrella of capability. There are few reasons why they tolerate being around us as well as the biggest is of course survival, they certainly know where their bread is buttered.

To truly gain the love of your pet you should encourage him to visualize and consider you because pack leader or alpha dog, by doing this you will gain his unconditional respect and obedience. Training so that you can gain this from your puppy is one of the most crucial factors.

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