How Petsafe Aids In Train Your Pets Using Smart Phones

The PetSafe Smart Dog Trainer is a small, lightweight remote control for larger dogs up to 5kg with a more relaxed temperament. Using your smartphone as the remote (through Bluetooth technology), you are able to control your dog virtually all over the house and outdoors. Once you have downloaded the SMART Dog Trainer app to your smart device, you are good to go.

This pet collar is similar to other training collars available on the market. It comes in an attractive and handy red color and is very easy to use. Just stick it on your dog’s neck as if it were a harness, slip on the collar, turn it on and walk away. This allows you to train your dog while doing chores or just enjoying a walk with friends. This is the best way to communicate with your pet safely using only your smartphone.

There is no need to get out of your car or run to the garage when you need to train your pet. The Petsafe SMART Dog Trainer apps will help you keep your pooch safe and still be able to commute to work and do chores. You can even train your dog using this petsafe smart dog trainer app while you are away from home. You can easily train your canine with this simple and safe remote training collar.

This is much safer than most other remote trainers available in the market because you don’t need to leave your pet alone in a strange place. You can leave your dog using the Petsafe SMART Remote Trainer while you attend to some important tasks at home. For example, you may have been invited to attend a baby shower, but you happen to be too busy to drive your car to attend the event. Your pet can still be trained using this petsafe smart dog trainer app.

Another benefit of this pet trainers is it has an easy-to-use interface and works perfectly when you are traveling or outdoors. It has got a wireless head collar which is perfect for any area where you would want your dog to be monitored. In this particular petsafe smart dog trainer, you can choose the amount of time that you want to monitor your pet. You can either use the bluetooth connection to stay away from wherever you are and simply send your dog a signal to be picked up by another pet or you can set it so that it receives a signal only when you are within a certain range. You can maintain control over the distance and receive signals from multiple pets at once.

This pet trainer also has a long contact points kit, which you can use in the event that your dog gets distracted and goes off-line. This long contact points kit comes with a long contact point arm that can be used with the Petsafe smart dog trainer as well as your cell phone. This long contact points arm is fitted with an electronic probe that has a sensor that will activate a light to let you know that your dog has gone off-line.

This petsafe smart dog trainer also has a mobile application that you can download onto your smartphone, which is specifically designed to train your dogs using the latest technology. You can train your dogs using this smartphone application while you are on the run or away from home. You can be assured of getting results because this smartphone application uses the latest obstacle resistance training techniques combined with the most accurate mapping of your dogs progress. The mapping is done with the help of a 3D map of your dogs current location as well as the location it would be in the next five to ten minutes, depending on the different factors that are used in the training process.

This petsafe smart dog trainer also allows you to set up sessions as per your preferences. You can set one up with your own pace and time limit. This trainer also helps you to determine the best route for your dog, based on his temperament and size. When training your pet using the Smartphones of today, there is no need to worry about whether he is getting enough exercise or not. This petsafe smart dog trainer will ensure that he always gets enough exercise for a fit and healthy life.

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