How Dangerous Are Fleas REALLY?

That time of the season is once again upon us! The summer and blue skies have our dogs begging to become outdoors to take pleasure in sunshine. Ah, summer – the way you find it irresistible! (As do our dogs).

Unfortunately, that hot weather and those blue skies bring something different using them – fleas. They’re a menace to the dogs’ comfort and may play around with our homes. You know that they’re annoying, frustrating, painful, and intensely challenging reduce. But did you know that fleas also pose huge health threats?

There can be a large amount of dogs who will be allergic on the saliva of fleas. When bitten with a flea, rather than simply scratching the location to help remedy the annoying itch – a puppy with Flea Allergy Dermatitis will dig at, lick, bite and chew the region which includes probably already welted which is highly irritated. This can cause excessive shedding of fur, painful skin problems, and infection.

Here’s something that a lot of people who just love dogs and puppies do not know about. Fleas are parasite carriers! And, not only any parasite; the Tapeworm parasite. Infected fleas – as they scurry through your dogs fur, run laps on his skin, and sink their little teeth in to cause itching – are then ingested by your dog or puppy while they groom themselves. A Tapeworm infection isn’t laughing matter either! If you notice your puppy is lethargic, losing weight, vomiting, has diarrhea, and just throughout isn’t looking right, you will want to get him on the vet immediately. Tapeworm eggs will probably be passed through his feces and into the yard where he ‘does his business’ so can easily be transmitted for your requirements or your children otherwise looked after without delay!

In greater rare instances, fleas can even be carriers of some awfully terrible diseases like typhoid and plague. The presence of these little devils certainly really should not be taken lightly!

When we ship our puppies to you – plus it makes no difference if it is the short hair English Bulldog Puppies or the longer hair Yorkie Puppies – we ensure that your puppy dog is 100% flea-free! Please help ensure your new little guy or girl stays in this way by making a consultation along with your vet right away and beginning routine treatment of a flea and tick preventative including Frontline, Advantage or K-9 Advantix.

Keep your puppies, homes, yards and families flea-free come july 1st!

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