House Training a Puppy – Follow My Directions and It’s As Easy As 1 – 2 – 3

House training a puppy isn’t brain surgery. In fact my technique is fast and effective. However, it lets you do require that YOU play in the most important part, and success or failure depends hundred percent upon your commitment and involvement. The concept is simple: you focus upon preventing ‘accidents’ instead of awaiting these to happen then punishing the puppy.

My method makes it easy for that puppy to do it right instantly so that as I’ve already stated, it’s extremely fast, so surely that has got to be the best option. Puppies, much like their older counterparts like to please, and they also become fasionable quickly when receiving praise and pats for after a particular act.

So, how come my method of house breaking involve you so heavily? Because you have to reliable, proactive and patient. Let me explain:

Reliable — Because you will need to set up and follow a schedule.

Proactive — Because you will need to watch your pup and get him outside to his ‘special spot’ the minute he shows indications of the need to pee.

Patient — Because this method places heavy emphasis upon YOU. If accidents do occur you should blame yourself, not the puppy.

Your first few weeks will be the hardest, but they are equally the most important. Committing yourself on the extra the energy for work will reward you enormously.

The basic rules you have to follow involve remembering when puppies need to pee:

Immediately they awaken each day or after a nap

Shortly after eating

After playtime

Before they go to nap (and this can be just like 3)

To build your job easier, you will have to use the dog crate or possibly a small area where you can confine the puppy during brief periods when he is able to’ be supervised. Used properly a crate isn’t cruel, just the opposite in fact. It will become you puppy’s private little haven where they can snuggle and feel safe. Size is important, it mustn’t be so large that he could have room to utilize one end as a bathroom. If you’ve chosen a crate adequate for him to develop into, dividers are available to be able to limit space available.

Equip the crate using a warm, cuddly blanket, some chewy toys, along with a water dish that attaches towards the side of the crate.

Then set up and continue with the routine I’ve explained above. While you puppy continues to be young, always pick him up and carry him outside and always take him on the same spot. Set him down and repeat whatever word you chose as his ‘pee command.’ Keep repeating it until he pees, when he does, praise and pat him extensively. Puppies love praise and may quickly become fasionable.

Between regulated visits outside, particularly if the puppy isn’t within the crate, keep close track of him and will he ever start sniffing the floor and/or going round in circles, immediately pick him up and take him outside to his toilet area. Accidents may occasionally happen; never smack or punish the puppy, just cleanse and blame yourself for not being vigilant enough.

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