French Bulldog Dog Breed – The Good, the Bad, the Snorty

Are you with the French Bulldog breed of dog for being your loyal canine companion? Then see the following information to make sure you increase the risk for right decision.

The muscular compact build of the “frenchie” is stark contrast with the funny, bat-like ears. Their funny heads make the perfect indicator for their temperament. They truly are clowns among dogs. They are pretty easy-going, balanced dogs. But they haven’t forgotten their bulldog genes, they create good guard dogs and can do their utmost to safeguard your family.

Not too energetic, these dogs do very well inside city. A daily walk plus some play in the garden or family room will do exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Do take care when the temperatures outside are rising. If your house or apartment doesn’t have an air conditioner, provide your French Bulldog with extra water and a cooling pad. Because of their short muzzle they’ve trouble regulating their temperature, which may cause heatstroke in summer.

The short nose can also be accountable for one of their specific traits; snoring. Keep this in mind should you be going to share your bedroom with your frenchie, he could help you stay up during the night.

They prosper with pets and children. But you should pay additional awareness of same sex socializing with all the females. Even though they bond very closely using owner, they’re not cautious about strangers.

Training could be a slight struggle because they usually are somewhat stubborn. Being firm and consistent will help you quite a distance in establishing yourself because your frenchie’s boss.

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