Five Ingredients Your Dog Will Love!

Pumpkin dog treats sound like heaven sent. Who wouldn’t want to give their pet the ultimate dog treat, literally? But pumpkins don’t just have to be for dogs-they can be made into yummy treats for cats, dogs, hamsters, penguins and other pets as well. So why give your dog an “exotic” treat when you can make your own?

There are several recipes out there for pumpkin dog treats. Some are easier than others. A lot of them call for cooked or pureed pumpkin, but you can easily make these meals from scratch at home. All it takes is some patience and some research to find ingredients that will not only taste good but also are safe for your dog.

Pureed pumpkin dog treats can be made by simply grinding up fresh pumpkins, mixing in some coconut oil and spices, then cooking it for about 30 minutes. Many companies use different varieties of dry dog food, including brands made with artificial sweeteners or aspartame to replace natural flavor. However, many pet owners have tried canned pumpkin treats without any success because of the artificial sweeteners.

While canned pumpkin dog treats can be expensive, many home cooked recipes are inexpensive and delicious. If you prefer recipes that require only four ingredients, simply blend all the ingredients together in a large bowl. One of the most popular pumpkin dog treats is baked treats, which are easy to make. Combine four parts sugar, one part pumpkin puree and one part olive oil. You can bake the mixture for a couple of hours, or you can soak in the mixture overnight and then microwave it.

There are many different recipe options if you are looking for a more cost-effective dog treat recipe. For example, you may prefer to use low calorie chocolate chips instead of regular chocolate. In addition, you can substitute cinnamon for the vanilla extract if you are looking for a healthier treat. The following recipe will allow you to change the flavor of pumpkin dog treats at a moment’s notice, using five ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

To prepare these homemade pumpkin dog treats, just mix together the following five ingredients: one ounce of dried pumpkin (which should be from a dried chunk), one tablespoon of margarine, one tablespoon of salt, and one-half cup of sugar. You can also add a cup of water if the mixture seems to be a bit too thick. Cook the mixture on a stovetop for about two minutes, or until the salt has dissolved and the sugar has dissolved completely.

As you shop for the foods that make up this healthy raw food diet for your dog, be sure to check out fiber. Fiber helps keep the digestive tract clean and will help your dog’s poop move much more freely. Fortunately, there is fiber available as an added ingredient to all of the aforementioned dog treats. As an added benefit, the fiber also smooths out any rough spots and helps keep his stool smooth, which improves circulation and therefore improves the health of his kidneys and liver.

A couple of things you should never feed your pooch are cookies and sweet potatoes. This is especially true when your dog has diabetes. Both of these items can cause your dogs to lose weight rapidly and they will be prone to kidney stones and pancreatitis. When choosing your treats, opt for the ones with no artificial flavors and only real, wholesome ingredients. You should also avoid choosing the “diet” type dog biscuit mix because these contain no fiber, which is not good for dogs with diabetes.

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