Finding Dog Friendly Hotels in NYC

Finding Dog Friendly Hotels in NYC

Tired of paying that dog sitter a pretty penny to watch your pet while you take your family on a family trip? Take your lovable pooch with you. Regarded as some of the most pet-friendly hotels in the country, dog friendly hotels come from reputable dog friendly hotel chains, to accommodating bed and breakfast establishments, to welcoming small dog friendly hotels. Regardless of your preference, there’s one (or more) dog friendly hotels that’ll fit your needs.


New York City offers up a diverse choice of dog-friendly hotels. Picking the right hotel can make all the difference when traveling with a dog. There are literally dozens of dog parks scattered throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Many of the hotels are located close to these dog parks, which makes taking your dog for a walk convenient and easy.


If you’re looking to find a dog friendly hotels in New York City, look no further than the Manhattan Beach Dog Park. This 5.75 acre dog park is open all day, every day, and welcomes both dogs and their owners. Located on Manhattan Beach, just across the street from the Delancey Boatyard on Manhattan Beach Pier, the park has everything your pet may need, including a kennel, a swimming pool, walking paths, an auditorium, a concession stand, a band shell, and restrooms.


If you’re looking for dog friendly hotels in New York City, a quick look at Instagram might inspire you to check out the pictures posted by other travelers. Instagram is a great place to find the most popular posts, as well as those posted by people who live on the island. For example, if you check out one of the pictures posted by someone on Instagram who lives on Long Island, chances are that the post included some sort of dog activity or pictures of the dog enjoying himself. A quick search on Instagram for some dog-friendly hotels in New York City should give you a handful of interesting options.


Some of the most famous pets around are the ones found at the Kimpton hotels on the beach in New York City. The Kimpton Beach Resort is one of the most expensive hotels in the city, but it’s also among the best. Its location makes it ideal for taking your Rottweiler, Doberman Pincher, or any of your other favorite breeds to the beaches of New York. You can even book your rental condo right next to the beach, making it convenient for you and your pet. On Instagram, you can also see photos of the Puka, the many Pomeranians you can get to meet at the resort, and the many different types of birds you can feed at the bird farm.


If you are looking for a nice place to bring the pup that belongs to another member of the family, you should definitely check out the Belmont Park Hotel in Manhattan. This hotel is perfect for both people and their pets. It’s a relatively young establishment, but it was established in 2021 and has already become one of the top destinations for those wanting to experience a little New York City style. On Instagram, you can post pictures of your Pomeranian enjoying himself while being photographed by his new owner. There are also plenty of great pet packages available at this establishment including a VIP treatment for your dog, a dog crate, free dog food when he stays at Belmont Park, and a variety of different amenities.


One of the most popular places on Instagram for those looking to take their dog along with them is the post shared by P DT NYC. If you look at the pictures posted by other users on Instagram, you can quickly see that there are many different locations that can be considered dog friendly hotels in NYC. Of course, these pictures aren’t always posted by actual PHT guests, but rather by business owners or account holders trying to attract more customers.


Those who are interested in finding a great spot to take their own pets can check out the “Pod 39.” This establishment has been rated as the best dog friendly hotel in NYC by one of the most popular pet review websites. The building itself is actually located inside a beautiful park, and many of the guest amenities can be found outside in the park.

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