Enjoy Aneys’ Original Cuisine at the Homestead Inn

It’s difficult to describe the look and feel of a bernese mountain dog. It’s almost as if you are transported to another world where there is little difference between day and night, rain and shine, and cold and heat. It is hard not to feel at ease with these dogs. They are very sociable and make great pets for the family.

You will find this breed of dog roaming freely throughout all areas of New England as well as the Canadian provinces. There are many different routes to take home a bernese mountain dog, but the most popular and easy to navigate is the Greenwichcton- Greenwich Village Route. If you are familiar with Greenwich, Connecticut then the Delmar Harbor route should be fairly simple to navigate as well.

The first stop on the tour route is Homestead in Greenwich. This is the original homestead Inn and the oldest building in the city. You can have your photo taken with your pet there, and perhaps get a little history lesson. If you are looking for something a bit more modern, the veterinarians office is right across the street. You can also visit with the local store that has a dog statue by the same name. The dog sculpture is in the front window of the store.

After you park in the lot, the dogs are brought to you at no charge, and you can start your tour of the area. At the Homestead Inn, you will see two large buildings on either side of the lobby. The first building contains the fitness studio, while the second one contains the bookstore. If you are staying at the Homestead in Greenwich, you need to take the Thomas Henkelman tour bus from the airport.

In the first part of your tour, you will go to the town of Suffern. Greenwich CT is the oldest town in the Connecticut Post District. Its history dates back to 1630. Thomas Henkelman trivia will show that this is where the first white Settler came to America.

From the town of Suffern, you can take a walking tour of the entire Lackawanna National Forest. Once you turn onto route 12 towards Suffern, you will see a concession station for tourist. Go inside and take a coffee break while you wait for the bus.

In Greenwich, you will see two types of attractions: Lackawanna Lake and the John Hancock Tower. When you get near the airport, turn left onto route 10A towards the first traffic light. Right when you hit this light, turn right and you will see the Lackawanna Lake. To get to the top of the mountain, take the elevator that is on your way to the top. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountains as you enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee on the bench on the top of the mountain.

The next stop on your tour is the town of Suffern. Go all the way to the end of the road just past the highway exit ramp on route 4. Here, you will find the homestead inn. The building is reminiscent of the American pioneer spirit and offers an overview of the beautiful landscape in the area. You will also get to sample the famous coffee made from fresh beans by the owner, Thomas H. Henkelman.

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