English Bulldogs – Five Facts You Need to Know Before Deciding If This Breed is For You

Unluckily the English Bulldog receives a lot more than his great amount of bad publicity which is often lumped in to the sounding an unsafe dog a lot more fact nothing may be more mistaken.

The English Bulldog is one of the most faithful breeds if you have one you’ll know he will be as your trusted companion although you may walk from room to a new.

There a story that has been past down over the generations with regards to a bulldog whose owner was seriously ill while having sex. The bulldog laid in his room for two weeks and only left his owners side to eat and relieve himself. Sadly the master died and even after his body was taken from the home the dog stayed in their owners bedroom and died just four days after.

The English Bulldog is extremely, very stubborn and unless it is possible to accept this he is not a puppy breed you should look at. It is not that he is purposely disobedient he just doesn’t have the inclination to do anything quickly or without giving any order serious thought. He will consider that which you have asked of him make a choice a proven way or other.

Bulldogs usually are not vicious but they are very brave and will die to guard their loved ones. They are more likely to let a burglar in the home then hold him hostage these days allow him to in to begin with.

Bulldogs are excellent with children and can deal with pulling and prodding of little ones by having an air of resignation. They become very that come with their owners and never adapt well when they have to become rehomed in the event the need allows.

Bulldogs do not require a whole lot of exercise along with a thirty minute stroll each day will satisfy most plus they won’t eat you out of house and home either. If you feed them an assortment of meat and biscuit twice a day this should be sufficient.

You will discover the Bulldog sleeps anywhere as long as you have been in the identical room. The heavy lump ideally will sleep as close for your requirements as you possibly can and can lay across you if he can. If he sleeps before the TV ensure you contain the volume on high or maybe you won’t see it over his snoring.

If you can deal with that and his stubborn streak you will have a loyal dog which will protect you, let your children to play with him and won’t should much exercise

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