English Bulldogs – A Famous Breed

If you mention an English Bulldog in conversation, many people will instantly know what the dog seems like. The English Bulldog, despite its negative reputation for its used in baiting bulls, can be a highly adored breed of dog and it is image is recognizable to the people across the world. It is a symbol of strength and virility.

Great Britain, this sort of bulldog’s country of origin, uses the English (or British) Bulldog as his or her national symbol. The U.S. Marine Corps also utilizes the look of your bulldog as being a mascot of sorts named Chesty. The find the Bulldog due to the strong stature and stubborn nature. The Bulldog portrays the content, we will not be moved.

Many schools within the United States and England proudly come with an English Bulldog as the mascot because of their football, basketball, baseball, and lots of other sports teams. In fact, the English Bulldog even is important in mascot history! The first live mascot ever to be utilized inside the United States was Handsome Dan of Yale University. He was adored and revered by students and alumni alike. There have been several Handsome Dans throughout time, but Handsome Dan like a symbol plus a dog has produced his mark.

Another first for English Bulldogs was Uga V, the University of Georgia mascot. Uga V was handed the title of College Mascot from the Year by Sports Illustrated, and was even featured on the cover with the magazine in 1997. He was the very first living mascot ever to appear on Sports Illustrated’s cover. The University of Georgia mascot also made a cameo in Clint Eastwood’s movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. In 1996, Uga V designed a big splash within the public eye after he chased a receiver through the opposing team around the football field in an attempt to take him out. Because of stunts like this, Uga V had one with the most recognizable careers of the living mascot.

Today English Bulldogs are loved by all. Almost everyone has seen the skate boarding bulldog, something they a great at for their low center of gravity. Many celebrities purchase expensive European bred English Bulldogs being a symbol of status. The Bulldogs great nature and high intelligence causes it to be a perfect candidate for anyones home. If your interested in adding a Bulldog to your family, do plenty of research and discover a responsible breeder. Some English Bulldogs is often rather expensive to own for their health deficiencies.

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