English Bulldog

Bulldogs are actually utilized to fight in the past the good news is these are friendly companion dogs for adults and children alike. Three of the very most popular types of bulldogs are the American bulldog, French bulldog and the English bulldog.

Origin/History of English bulldog

The English bulldog was came from the British Isles, a descendant from the ancient Asiatic Isles. It has short legs and wide, medium sized body. Although its appearance could be intimidating, yet it really is one of several gentlest dogs. It has been so popular since 1800 just as one excellent and devoted pet.

The name Bulldog comes in the word “Bull” due to the used in “Bull Bating” understanding that resembles a bit bull too. This breed was very popular among noblemen and royalty.


English bulldog has a big head plus a short snout. Because of its low energy, this dog enjoys lounging around the house in the company of the human being family that makes it an admirable as well as a lovable pet especially with children.

Due to its placid nature, bulldog can tolerate being prodded by children without getting annoyed. It is called affectionate and intensely dependable animal. Developing a relationship with a bulldog is simple because adaptable and loyal nature. It is a dog breed of extreme excellence despite of its stubborn nature because of its very docile characteristic.

This breed loves to chew on anything so it is far better to provide the breed with chew toys to avoid destruction. It is very hard to train bulldogs because lazy nature and stubbornness despite of its intelligence. The character and personality with this sort of breed is misunderstood by many people.

Life Span

The life expectancy of your bulldog reaches about 8 years. Some have shorter lives while some live longer.

Character/Life Preservation

In order to preserve the splendid qualities and eliminate the undesirable characters of bulldog, dog lovers now applied scientific breeding that created the fine appearance and character of an English bulldog which everyone can now regard and exhibit it with pride.

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