How To Reduce Dog Allergies In English Bulldog Puppies

As spring approaches and we are playing outside more frequently as well as a larger period of time, our short haired breeds may start to see more hypersensitivity. Here’s what to take a look out for! English Bulldog puppies can be very prone to skin allergies for their short, thin coat of fur. They do not have plenty of fur to protect their skin which leaves them vunerable to irritation from pollens, ragweed, fleas and other irritants in the earth. English Bulldog puppies are also low to the floor, allowing them more experience of these allergens than other breeds.

Skin allergies cause red, swollen patches in your dog’s skin. It may be itchy, painful as well as dry or flaky to the touch. While some skin allergies might not exactly appear to be much, in your puppy, they could be an existence or death ailment. From the constant scratching, licking or pawing at the affected site, the skin may become raw, bloody and break open, making this a great breeding ground for infections and bacteria such as yeast or MRSA.

If you notice a skin breakout on the English Bulldog puppy, call the vet to make sure it is deemed an allergic attack and never something more serious. If it is skin allergies, your vet may post you home with medicated shampoo or even an external to soothe the itching for your pup.

To help to keep short haired breeds safe, like English Bulldog puppies, wipe down a puppy using a damp cloth each time you are available in from outside playtime or potty breaks. This will help to get rid of the allergens that might be clinging to your dog’s fur and skin as well as protect a puppy while he’s inside. These allergens are often spread from grass to carpet and wiping off a puppy is more strategy to make home the safest spot to be!

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