English Bulldog Puppies – Finding a Quality English Bulldog Breeder

You have your heart set on the cute, wrinkly little English bulldog puppy, so where can you begin?

Quality bred English Bulldog puppies usually are not cheap and breeders should be researched thoroughly before a determination is made. If you were thinking about purchasing a television that costs from $2,000 to $4,500 plus, you would do a bit of research first. You would read reviews, find out and compare different brands. It is no different when looking to purchase an English Bulldog puppy.

If you’ve got local bulldog breeders, it makes sense first of all them as you can easily visit their kennel or home and meet the dogs in person. However, the local breeders might not have an available litter, may offer bloodlines you do not need or have a very long waiting list. In this case, the next step is always to look further afield.

The Internet definitely makes trying to find a bulldog puppy easier, however, additionally, it boosts the chance of finding uncaring breeders or outright scammers. While this seems daunting, there are several common sense rules you’ll be able to follow that could make your hunt for the correct English Bulldog puppy successful.

Do not base your choice on picking the lowest priced puppy you are able to find. It is an expensive proposition to breed English Bulldogs as most bitches must deliver puppies via caesarean section. Also, night and day care is necessary through the early weeks because the mother can roll on top of the puppies and suffocate them. Scammers try and attract buyers by stealing photos from reputable breeders and attaching an incredibly good deal tag. Remember, you’re going to get what you buy, which in some cases may be almost nothing.

Ask questions! English Bulldog breeders that are enthusiastic about what they do will expect you to definitely ask a lot of questions. On the other hand, they are going to also particulars and discuss the “ins and outs” of raising an English Bulldog puppy. A knowledgeable and caring breeder should be sure their puppy goes to a loving home with owners who see the special concerns of the English Bulldog breed.

Look to get a breeder that doesn’t just focus on breeding for the “bulldog standard.” A responsible breeder will likely breed for health insurance temperament and not just conformation. Make sure you ask about the genetic backgrounds in the parents, any health guarantees offered and which initial medical measures is going to be included (shots, worming, etc.). Also, be sure that they’ll are going to stay in contact and offer lifetime support.

Try to find customers who may have purchased an English Bulldog puppy from your breeder. Honest breeders will readily provide contact information for past customers and likely post testimonials on his or her web site. But perhaps one with the best methods is always to browse the Facebook page from the breeder, should they have one available. On Facebook, many customers will comment and post photos and videos with the puppies they bought through the breeder.

One last piece of advice is always to invest some time in choosing a breeder from which to purchase your English Bulldog puppy. Don’t get “bullied” into buying if you usually are not sure the match meets your needs. An honest breeder will appreciate you are dedicated to ensuring the puppy you select may be the one of your dreams!

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