English Bulldog Facts and Information

With this breeds increasing popularity, individuals are seeking English Bulldog facts more than ever. For current keepers to prospective buyers, gaining knowledge on these dogs is necessary and perhaps essential. Becoming more informed about the Bulldog will cause amazing benefits to your 4 legged companion.

For starters, the name Bulldog may be the actual proper reputation for this breed. Many people refer to them as English Bulldogs or British Bulldogs, that is acceptable simply because they both refer to the Bulldog. Not to be confused, the American Bulldog and the French Bulldog aren’t classified under this breed. These are different and totally distinct breeds. While the American and French Bulldogs are very popular and earn great pets,were strongly biased and partial to the Bulldog.

The Bulldog has been around since the 1600’s, maybe earlier, that is questionable. The original bulldogs, which are bred in England, aren’t what you see today. There are some similarities, but some differences also. Many canine historians believe this breed originated as due to a mixture of the Mastiff as well as the Pug. The original ancestors of today’s Bulldogs were bred for cruel blood sports designed to entertain royalty along with the common citizens in London as well as other various cities around England.

Let’s now cover the all important English Bulldog info about appearance. The Bulldog come in the following colors: red brindle, all the other brindles, solid white, solid red, fawn, fallow, piebald and black. For those who aren’t familiar with many of these terms, here are some brief descriptions. Brindle refers to a coat pattern that is striped in look, sometimes very subtle. These streaks tend to be an alternative color or shade compared to the coat. Fawn identifies an easy, yellow-brown coat. The Bulldog will need to have a black muzzle to be a true fawn. Fallow describes a pale brown color. Piebald describes having irregular patches of 2 or maybe more colors yet somehow they will be symmetrically distributed.

Bulldogs are viewed a medium size dog. Typically, grown males should weigh around 50lbs as well as the female about 40lbs. Their coat needs to be short and smooth to the touch having a thick, heavy, low sweeping body. The adorable face, filled with wrinkles and all sorts of, is mounted on a tremendous skull. The shoulders, another distinct characteristic of the breed are wide and broad. Legs are short, powerful and muscular; set wide apart. All this being said, the entire appearance in the Bulldog should indicate great balance, strength and.

English Bulldog facts on temperament and personality are extremely popular searches these days also. For those that are interested in Bulldog temperament, let’s reassure you by purchasing proper socialization, respect and love, the Bulldog might be a gentle and affectionate companion. They are excellent with children and do fine with other “familiar” pets. Bulldogs have become courageous and definately will defend or their loved ones and territory if threatened. To be totally honest, a number of within this breed are very dominant. These dogs need humans that display strong leadership qualities in your home. Bulldogs love being a portion of their family and crave human attention. Finally, should you be thinking about purchasing a Bulldog, keep in mind that most do snore, slobber and drool quite a bit.

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