English Bulldog Dog Breed Description, History, and Personality Traits

Description: The English bulldog is of medium size, a compressed but wide dog with short legs. The body and head are well built, with extra skin on both the skull and forehead. Their cheek also includes the medial side in the eyes. It has a short but wide muzzle with a broad and deep stop. The nose is broad with large nostrils and it is black in colour. This breed has dark eyes which might be setback.

The English Bulldog has ears which can be small, thin, and hang high in head. With large jaws, which can be also broad and square with hanging upper lips, this breed must have an under bite. The tail is screwed, but sometimes be straight. This is carried low. Their coat is short smooth, flat and glossy. Others include red brindle, and also other shades of brindle, solid red, solid white, piebald, pale yellow, fawn, Fallow or pale and read the white along with the combination of these colours is acceptable.

History: This breed started in the British Isles. This breed descended from the ancient Asiatic mastiff. The name bull came from a trendy sport, from the time, that used dogs to battle bulls. This breed was ferocious, courageous and very aggressive, having a muscular physique designed with the ability to attack a totally grown bull. This practice was banned inside the 19th century, so we see today, the bulldog having a different temperament, to the one needed inside ring to address the balls. However, it is wise to recollect, this dog still retains a powerful strength of mind.

Temperament: While this dog still looks intimidating, it is one of the gentlest dogs currently available. It, however, still will discover off any intruder, that will dare to discover this dog. This breed is affectionate and gentle with children. However, it can be very persistent and determined, if this wishes. Combined with the gift, never to quit easily.

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